WordPress Plugins I Have Used

If you are using WordPress to develop your site or blog then there is an endless number of plugins that can choose from to add some extra functionality to your pages.

The plugins that I have used include:

  • Fast Secure Contact Form
    Place a contact form on your site so that visitors can email you.
    Very easy to use and configure.
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
    This plugin is really useful once you start using a number of different WordPress plugins because some work more efficiently than others.
    If you find that your page load speed is slower than usual, use this plugin to check the impact that activated plugins are having on your page load times and thus find out which plugin is slowing you down.
    I consider this to be among my top website performance testing tools.
  •  Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)
    A very handy ;plugin that allows to you “stick” one or more widgets on the screen. So, as a reader scrolls down, those widgets will remain in the viewing area. It is very useful if your content is longer than your sidebar and very useful if you want to draw attention to a particular widget such as a subscription form.

  • TablePress
    I researched many plugins before settling on this one. I am quite used to created HTML tables for data and CSS code for positioning. But when time is on essence then the quickest and most efficient path is essential. This is what I like about TablePress. Plus, I love the sorting feature it offers. Read more about how to use this plugin when you need to create HTML Tables.
  • WP Smush.it
    Compresses your images as you load them.
  • WP Total Cache
    Improve the performance of your site.
    Remove white space from pages as they are published, leaving the pages that you edit intact.