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Print On Demand Services for Artists – Best Place to Sell Art Online 6

Making that first sale can be one of the most exciting moments for an artist. Someone has been so impressed by the artwork that they have decided to take out their wallet and make a purchase.

What a stamp of approval!

But, when it comes to online vehicles for your art, you have probably already asked the following question:

Where Can I Sell My Art?

If you haven’t already started selling your artwork, then a Print on Demand Company (POD) could be just what you are looking for, to experience that type of excitement.

POD companies can be some of the best places to sell art online, not to mention general graphic designs and slogans.

This golf ball character design that I have created, for example, sells on mouse pads (as shown here), on t-shirts, coffee mugs and a whole range of other gift items. All of this is courtesy of a POD company that handles printing and shipping for me. In this case the POD company is Zazzle.

If you have a blog or a website but are not sure how to best monetise it then you too could start selling t-shirts or gift items featuring your own designs and slogans. This is a great way to add interest to a niche site.

If you run out of ideas for t-shirt designs of your own, then you could take part in the Zazzle referral program for example and make affiliate commissions from promoting the work of other Zazzle designers. (more…)