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affilorama-portalAffilorama is a huge portal devoted to e-marketing, in particular affiliate marketing.

It is a site that caters for absolute newbies as well as advanced Internet marketers. The creator of the site, Mark Ling, has been so successful in his online exploits that he now employs a large number of staff to help him run his site and his courses. Mark can give you endless tips and advice based on his own first-hand experiences as he started out online and built up his extremely successful E-Business.

His portal,, provides a wealth of information including:

  • Free affiliate marketing lessons
  • Lots of free tips on starting your own website and monetizing it
  • Lots of videos on Internet marketing -more than 70 hours
  • Lots of interviews with successful online marketers (one of my favorites)
  • An online forum for e-marketers (again another favorite of mine)

Affilorama was one of my initial bookmarked Internet marketing portals. I was completely impressed by the wealth of information provided as well as how well written the lessons were, each one taking even the most inexperienced newbie through all the steps required to set up and market a monetized site.

AffiloBlueprint Review

AffiloBlueprint is one of the courses available on the Affilorama site and was in fact the 1st course I ever decided to invest in.  I spent quite some time learning from the free lessons that the site provides first before deciding to branch out further and take this step-by-step course.

As an educator, the first aspect that really impressed me, was the way in which the course was set out, how clear it was and how easy it was to follow. I liked the fact that it was set out in modules with assigned homework for that week. I particularly liked the fact that I could read in print the lesson for that week or watch it on video or do both.

Since I purchased this course, it has been updated to accommodate all of the changes that have been happening over the past year or so, in particular, changes such as the Panda update and the Penguin update and the impact that they have had on websites being able to rank.

AffiloBlueprint Course

AffiloBlueprint Course


As you can see by the number of step-by-step lessons that have been included, it is extremely comprehensive taking novices from the very beginning of creating a site right through to more advanced topics such as how to set up a newsletter sign up form and how to market your site to get traffic.

I will shortly complete a review of the latest version of AffiloBlueprint and post it on Website Tips 4U but in the meantime I would like to hear from you regarding what you think of the portal and its courses




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