eBay the Original eCommerce Giant: Everything You Want to Know

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Infographic & Article: Josh Wardini

Where do you shop when you’re looking for something either unique, antique, or even exotic?

It’s eBay!

The company was founded in 1995 as an online auction marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

The original name of eBay was AuctionWeb, but the founder wanted to change it in 1997. He wanted something that sounded edgier and so eBay became the name of the company from 1997 forward.

Since its name change, eBay grew in size and acquired many other companies. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, employing over twelve thousand employees and turns out a revenue of eight billion dollars.

As of last year, the website is home to over 168 million users-either buyers or sellers.

On eBay, you can find almost anything you need to buy and chances are the price will be without competition, even without applying a promotional voucher to it. The most common things purchased are: 

  • television sets,
  • desktop computers,
  • smartphones,
  • office supply needs, and
  • clothes.

The most popular items such as shoes sell every five seconds and a computer every fourteen seconds.

eBay is the online auction marketplace to look for and eventually find that unique product you’re looking for. Sellers get creative and try to make it so unique and worthwhile that it increases the value even more.

Unique items or experiences that have been sold include

  • Cities and towns
  • Livelihood (house, car, job, friends, etc)
  • Fossils of different reptiles
  • Pieces of land

Of course, there are items that sellers are prohibited to market.

To compete with other online marketplaces, eBay expanded from being solely an auction site.

Now, shoppers have the option not to bid on an item and instead click on “Buy It Now” button.

Did you know there’s more to learn and understand about eBay?

Scroll through the infographic below (courtesy of www.16best.net) and amaze your friends with new facts!

Guest Author: Josh Wardini


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