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Promoting Products Currently Unavailable

Regardless of whether you manage just one or several Amazon affiliate sites, it can prove tricky when it comes to keeping track of products that have dropped out of production for some reason or are simply no longer on offer.

You have probably already noticed, to your horror, that a product you have been promoting is no longer available. That is, it is now listed on the Amazon site as “Currently Unavailable“.

Now, obviously if you are promoting just a few Amazon products then you can easily manually check from time to time to make sure that each item is still being offered for sale. 

However, a soon as the number of products you are promoting starts to grow and grow, by which time you are hopefully using EasyAzon, then checking each item manually becomes less feasible. Here is how I weed out items that are currently unavailable for sale:

Using Amazon Orders Report

So how can we quickly identify a changed status for the products we are promoting? How can we quickly locate the “currently unavailable” products?

I first read the suggestion to utilise Amazon’s Orders Report in this article written by Jennifer Ledbetter.

Since then, I have refined my own approach that I incorporate in my regular routine. I think you need to do this check at least once a month if not more often.

Steps to Locate Unavailable Products You Have Been Promoting

Please note, these steps have been updated to reflect the recent changes in the Amazon Affiliate reporting screens.

  1. Login to your Amazon account
  2. Find the Summary for This Month panel and the click on View Full Report. This takes you to the Reports Page
  3. Choose a date range:
    • For starters, you can check the report from last month.
  4. If you have several sites set up with Amazon products then you can filter the Tracking ID at the top of the screen.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Notes panel.
  6. Look for Items with No Orders and click on View items with no orders.
  7. Sort the Clicks from largest to smallest
  8. The top of this list should now be showing items with the largest number clicks (and no orders).
  9. Click on the items that has received a significant number of clicks so that you can see if the reason for no orders is, in fact, because they are no longer available for sale.
    • For each unavailable item you locate, you can make the necessary changes to your site.
    • If it is indeed still available, just check that it hasn’t been ranked down by customers in which case you might decide to no longer feature it on your site.
  10. Repeat this for each of your sites (via the Tracking Id).
  11. Access the report for the current month and repeat the steps from step 4 on.

The first time you do this, you can check orders for the previous quarter if you like. Once you have done this check and made corrections to your pages, you can then make it part of your end of month routine.

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Indicators of Currently Unavailable Products

The first time I did the above check, with a medium sized Amazon affiliate site, I was annoyed (but relieved) to locate about 8 products that had dropped out of the sales’ offerings.

In fact, I have just now repeated each of these steps  on the same site and once again located an item that I have been promoting which has become unavailable:

Amazon AssociatesI have also discovered an out-of-print book that I had been promoting. In cases like that, you might see:

Book out of print

What a waste of clicks!!

I can’t stress enough, just how important it is to be able to identify these items and then either replace them or comment out the section of code that refers to them until they do become available again.

If you have found other ways to identify such unavailable products, then I would love to hear of your techniques via the comments below

By the way, in the beginning of this post, I mentioned EasyAzon. Just to clarify, this is THE plugin for me for managing my Amazon Affiliate sites. I can’t begin to say how much time it has saved me. If you want to find out more about it you can do so on the EasyAzon site (affiliate link) or you can read my review of the latest update to the plugin

EasyAzon V4 Plugin


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Items with No Orders: Currently Unavailable

  • Eric

    Thank you for your great tip!.

    A couple of questions:

    1) Wouldn’t it make sense to wait (ie. leave the link to the unavailable product in place) to see if the seller re-stocks?
    2) Sometimes there’s no replacement for the product you promote. Won’t it make sense to leave the link in place and benefit from the Amazon cookie. There’s a chance they’ll buy another substitute product.
    3) Is there any way to get a notification by amazon when a product becomes unavailable or available?

    Thanks again for your post and time.


    • Glenys Grob Post author

      Great questions Eric.

      1) I usually go into the code view for my page and comment out the section that is linking to the currently unavailable item. That way I can check back in a few days/weeks to see if the item is once again being supplied. If so, I can then just restore the code again (remove the commenting out) so that it is once again visible. This is one reason why I like to review 4-5 products in one post. If one of the 5 items all of sudden becomes unavailable, I can still use the content on that page by continuing to promote the remaining items. And I can find a substitute for the unavailable item if there is one. If I have the whole post dedicated to reviewing one product only, then I stand to “lose” that page if the item is pulled from the market.

      2) You raise a good point in asking why don’t we just leave the link in place anyway so that people can still link through to Amazon. I guess my take on this would be that if potential customers click through to Amazon and then see “unavailable” they could become irritated and just leave. Plus, I’ve always thought that it leaves an impression that a site is not being updated or is possibly less than professional. But I could be wrong here, it’s just an assumption. Either way, if the now-unavailable item is just 1 of 4 or 5 items reviewed on the page, then the remaining items can serve to encourage clicking through to Amazon.
      3) Before writing this post, I looked and looked, trying to find a way to receive a notification when a product becomes unavailable. But, I couldn’t find that this was possible, at least not at the time of writing. If you ever come across this option, I would love to hear about it.
      Thanks for asking such good questions Eric.