Best Blog Posts Discovered in August

Best blog postsEach month I like to draw your attention to other bloggers’ posts. 

These are impressive articles that I have stumbled across throughout  my month of extensive reading.  And if you have read any of my previous roundups, you will have noticed that they usually have something in common and that is actionable tips.

I love reading case studies and I’m sure you are the same. It is great to read what someone else has tried and whether or not it has worked.

I hope you can feel as motivated as I do when you read this month’s notable posts.

I usually add to the list as I find impressive works throughout the month. So, I suggest that you bookmark this page for easy access to future updates.

The Best-of-the-Best Articles found in August

Blog Traffic

 Why Your Site Gets Such Pitiful Traffic (and What to Do about It)

~ by

This is a post that addresses a dilemma that is bound to ring true for most of us. You would be in good company if you find yourself lamenting: Where on earth are my readers? Why is no-one coming to my blog?

Given my background in education, I particularly like how Jon Morrow, of fame, expresses our dilemma:

Teachers have a captive audience. Bloggers don’t. 

Well in this article, Jon provides 10 reasons that could explain why you are not getting the traffic that you want to your blog and what you can do about it.

I love the way that he expresses it:

You know that darkness you’re stumbling around in? Well, I’m going to turn on the light.

This is a refreshingly honest post; one that will have you re-thinking a number of your firmly held beliefs about what it takes to do well as a blogger.

When you read Jon’s post make sure you look for the “real path to superstardom”.

I love his sense of humour; chek out what he says about your email list.

Use These Smart Blogging Tips To Get Better Results With Less Traffic
~ by Adam Connell

Adam Connell, from, shows us how a mere shift in focus can produce far better results with the same amount of traffic.

In this post, Adam discusses what should be your #1 priority.

After reading his post, you will be ready to conduct a real audit of your blog. You might be surprised to find how many unnecessary distractions you have on your site.

You will also find excellent ideas for encouraging  more sign-ups to your email list.

Does your blog invite your readers to ‘take-off’, for whatever reason?  Then, you definitely want to read Adam’s post.



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