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Top Blog PostsAs you know, I keep a watchful eye out for blog posts that stand out from the crowd. What I really look for are posts that provide actionable ideas. I particularly like case studies because they are usually relatively unique and report back on various strategies that have been tried. 

I usually end up publishing some posts that I think can really add to our knowledge and at the same time, motivate all of us to continue  with our online entrepreneurial pursuits.

You can see my previous monthly blog roundups below. You will see that I have skipped May, mainly because of being totally occupied with one of my niche sites.

This post will be added to throughout the month, as I come across some real gems in my reading. Therefore you might like to bookmark this page for easy return.

The Best of the Best Articles found in June

Niche Sites

  • Should I Sell? May Income Report and Thoughts
    ~ by Spencer Haws

    Here is another invaluable post from Spencer Haws. As you may, or may not know, Spencer is the creator of the all famous Long Tail Pro software (Affiliate Link).

    His post is actually part of a series documenting his latest niche projects. So when you click through, you can choose to start at the beginning and see everything that Spencer and Perrin have been doing.

    I find Spencer’s write ups really, really useful and definitely qualify as case studies that report back on strategies that they have tried. I really like this post because it, as usual, tells it as it is. Spencer updates us on the results of 2 niche sites, one receiving traffic from Pinterest and the other targeting Adsense income.  Spencer examines each objectively in order to make a decision about whether to sell one of them or not. In fact, one of the bloggers leaving a comment had a very good suggestion, but I’ll let you check that out for yourself.

    You can read this post here.

    Spencer’s blog,, is definitely one to bookmark so that you can visit it frequently.

    And if you would like to know more about Long Tail Pro, you can read my review here.

Website Traffic

As mentioned above, I really love case studies. And here is a real gem of a case study about getting traffic to your website.

Richard’s article demonstrates the value of hanging in there and not giving up too soon.

It is very encouraging to see the traffic charts for the 3rd month of this project.

Richard tells it like it is, pointing out the strategies that failed and the ideas that eventually produced the results he was after.  You will find his analysis of what went wrong with his initial campaign, and how he fixed it, very interesting.

I think the ClickBank income he was able to realise by the 3rd month is very impressive.

You can read Richard’s post here.



 Feel free to add your own suggestions of top blog posts you have found in the comments section below.


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6 thoughts on “The Best of the Best Blog Posts Found in June 2014

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the tips Glenys!

    Especially about the local and global searches. I sort of understood this, although with the example you gave about prices and shipping, – it made more sense to me now.


    • Glenys Grob Post author

      Thanks for reading Michelle. In some niches, the global search figures might be more relevant and in many cases the difference can be less marked. But in this case, the difference between global and local search volume was huge and the impact very noticeable, even though the originally targeted products were digital.

  • Michelle

    Sorry Glenys,

    I meant to put the previous comment on your – “A keyword research mistake and how you can avoid it too” post.