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Top Quality Writing from Experts on the WebEvery month I do a lot of reading, I mean a LOT of reading as I research new ideas and look to expand my own knowledge.  The topics range from web development to SEO, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, keyword research, keyword tools, traffic generation & monetisation to name a few.

Every now and then, I come across a real gem of a post, one that simply stands out from the crowd. It is usually a post that makes a real contribution, a post that we haven’t read everywhere else. In other words, it is unique, informative and actionable, making a huge contribution to our knowledge and often impacting on the way we do things from then on.

So, this post is a product of my never-ending quest to find truly unique, valuable and actionable ideas that have been published in forums, blogs and other sites.


Top Quality Posts Found in February 2014

Comment Marketing

  • The Ninja’s Guide to Google Alerts
    Matthew Woodward

    This is a post that was actually published some time ago but because I have just come across it and because it has top quality, timeless and actionable ideas in it, I am including it my e-Marketing gems. 

    I have been using Google alerts off and on for some time but after reading this post, it is obvious that I can get so much more out of this free tool.  It is a tool that can really assist you in your comment marketing campaign.


  • 21 SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Get More Search Engine Traffic
    –  Brian Dean

    This post is a perfect example of what Brian refers to as an expanded list post.

    There are so many actionable ideas in this post, I recommend that you bookmark it and then work your way through at least a number of the ideas.

    For example, Brian’s point, about sending internal link juice to pages that could do with a nudge, would have to be a topic that resonates with most of us.  I don’t know how many times I have seen the following question raised in forum topics:
    How do I rank a keyword that is sitting on page 2 or 3 of the SERPs?

    After reading Brian’s post, I am sure that you will agree with me that it deserves its spot in this list of Actionable Blog Posts.

Content Marketing

  • Low Hanging Fruit of Content Marketing: 10 Quick Changes That Will Bring Big Results
    – Neil Patel

    There are some real takeaways in this post published by Niel Patel.

    I particularly like the fact that Neil tracks results from all the strategies he has tried. For example, his statistics on the number of comments generated by including a question at the end of a blog post are very interesting. But not as surprising as the difference in stats according to the type of question asked.

    Neil’s post provides 10 strategies, or as he puts it, tactics. And everyone of them is actionable. No fluff here!!

    If nothing else I suggest you try the content calendar plugin that Neil recommends. 

    And of course I strongly urge you to read his post.

    Neil publishes so much content of real value on QuickSprout; if I ever run out of actionable blog posts to recommend in future months, I can always return to his site and find a worthy inclusion.

Affiliate Marketing

Regardless of whether or not you are just starting out as an affiliate, there is something for everyone in this post by Lisa Irby.

Lisa’s information is really up-to-date. I’m sure you will agree when you see what she has to say about Camtasia. This would have to be good news for people who have been using videos in their marketing efforts.

It is quite possible that you have been missing out on some really lucrative affiliate programs that could be slotted perfectly into your selected niche. If you are currently an affiliate marketer then you have no doubt promoted products from ClickBank. 

But have you thought of becoming an affiliate of Elance or iTunes?  Have you heard of PicMonkey, Netflix or NewEgg? And there are many more listed in Lisa’s post, along with their respective payouts.

Don’t forget to glance at Lisa’s tip-o-graphic at the end of her post.

Lisa’s is one post that you will want to bookmark and return to for future reference.


I thought that we were going to get to the end of February before I could find my next actionable post to showcase here.


I’m not surprised that this post comes from Spencer Haw’s blog; he provides so much value to his readers and is always implementing ideas and then letting his readers know what worked and what didn’t work.

Well, here is a Facebook experiment that is definitely working.

Spencer & Perrin (if you have been following Spencer’s blog, you will certainly know who Perrin is) have started a new project with a recently purchased site.  This week they set themselves the task of posting 3 links a day from their Facebook page to content on their site.

I won’t spoil the story for you. You can see from Spencer’s post the type of content that they were linking to and the type of results they achieved after just one week.

I can definitely recommend that you follow Spencer’s blog; he is to be commended for the value that he continues to share.



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