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Best posts SeptemberYou have possibly already read some of my blog roundups from previous months. If so, then you will already know that I like to highlight the work of other bloggers each month.

September was no exception.

I stumbled upon a number of contenders during my blog commenting/researching journey.  The posts that I have selected to bring to your attention are those that I think can help many bloggers who are still trying to gain some momentum with their blogging efforts.

Here are the articles that impressed me; as usual they are posts that contain actionable tips that we can all implement.

The Best-of-the-Best Posts Discovered in September

Blog Traffic

You know, if we can’t get traffic to our blogs or websites, then we might as well forget it. Blogging can be a real time-sponge, soaking up every spare minute we can find. So we want to make sure that our message, or our voice, is being ‘heard’ by as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, most of us are time-poor. Most of us have to fit our online entrepreneurial pursuits around other competing demands.  So rather than feeling frustrated about not being able to do it all, take heart from this first post in my roundup:

Why Being Everywhere For Traffic Is A Lie
~ Adrienne Smith

Adrienne’s opening paragraph would resonate with most of us, if not all of us, I’m sure. We have all at some time or another floundered about, not knowing which approach will work or which expert to follow.

With respect to what Adrienne says about internet marketing gurus, I know that I have had the very same thoughts:

I found a few that I resonated with while the others, well my gut was telling me that I just wasn’t comfortable doing a lot of what they were teaching us.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all the things that you have been told you should be doing in order to grow your blog’s audience, then you will love reading Adrienne’s post.

Blog Commenting

I am currently conducting an experiment myself that looks at the impact of blog commenting on traffic. But, it is interesting to see the other spin offs that are coming about as a result of the whole project. I have always done some blog commenting but during this experiment I was pleasantly surprised to see the extent to which it promotes real networking with other bloggers to mention just one of the advantages. But I’ll discuss all of that when I complete the write up of my case study.

But today, I would like to recommend the following post which looks at it from a different angle:

I don’t have time to comment! How do I keep going?
~ Enstine Muki

In this post, Enstine gives you an alternative for times when you find yourself simply too bogged down to keep up with your blog commenting routine.

It is a simple but effective option that you can try at any time.

I’m sure you will find it useful, along with the other content that Enstine links to.

Monetizing Your Blog

This is what it’s all about, right?  Well, most of the time it is, at least for internet marketers.

However, as this next post so aptly puts it, many of us are approaching the whole idea back to front. Or as expressed in the post, we are putting the cart before the horse. Let’s see why:

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Monetize Your Blog Today
~ Gary Korisko

Gary has a very interesting writing style. He “grabs” your interest straight away with his story-telling approach. Check it out and see if you agree with me.

This post will have you looking at your blog with fresh eyes. It will help you scrutinize whether or not your blog can grab the attention of a visitor in that very narrow window of opportunity that 5 to 10 seconds affords you. The simple thing that Gary has you do, so that your blog can start making money, won’t take you very long to implement at all.

And I bet his writing style will have you reading the entire post, just to “see what happened”.

SEO & Rankings

I just recently published a case study that I completed on the ranking power of an internal linking strategy. In that post I outlined all of the steps that were taken, the tools that I used and the results that were achieved.

I subsequently found the following Rank Correlation Analysis very interesting from the point of view of just how important internal links can be with respect to rankings.

The 2014 Rank Correlation Analysis and SEO Ranking Factors for Google U.S.
~Marcus Tober

This is one immense study and definitely an Analysis that you will want to study at length.

I found the Search Metrics Rank Correlations chart very, very interesting.  And yes it does show just how important backlinks remain.  (You’ll have to read the post to see just where internal links sit in the correlation analysis.) But, given the study that I mentioned in my introduction to SEO & Rankings, I was delighted to read:

A good internal linking structure is an important factor, and probably the most underrated SEO measure.

This vindicates my own study.

With respect to other ranking factors, I was expecting to see word count higher up the chart, but it is in fact trending in that direction. However, the metric that came in on top is one to note.

Given the Hummingbird update, I was not surprised to see Marcus mentioning topics in his summary.

This is a very comprehensive study with some additional factors taken into account this year.

You can download the Ranking Factors study for free via the post link above.  But if you are short for time and just want to “get the goodies” then the post itself provides an excellent trend analysis summary.

I urge you to bookmark this one.


If you come across a must-read article on your internet travels, please share it in the comments below. We would all love to read some more blogging gems.

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2 thoughts on “Must-Read Blog Posts: Discovered in September 2014

  • Adrienne

    Hi Glenys,

    Wow, thank you so much for including my post in your roundup. I’m truly touched and I so appreciate it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed what I had to share because I know I’m not the only one. We can’t be everywhere all the time and get great results so for all those experts to tell us we have to be on all the platforms, well that just didn’t sit well with me.

    I’ve read Enstine’s post and I can sympathize with him right now as you know but I’m not disappearing. I just can’t do that, I love visiting blogs and commenting.

    I haven’t read the rest and I wish I could promise you I’d get by but as you know I’m focusing my time on finishing my product so I can’t add more to my list. But I’ll be sure to keep up with your roundups so that I can connect later on with more bloggers. That’s the best part of this process. 😉

    Thank you again Glenys and you have a glorious end to your week.