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How to capture screen on pcThere is no debate about the fact that images on your website really add to reader interest and design appeal of your site. And one economical way of getting good graphics on your web pages is to make screenshots of other pages or documents that you have created. But there are screenshots and there are screenshots; some look really professional, others not so. So, let’s see how you can go about finding a free tool to do a professional job for you.

Capturing simple screen shots to insert into your pages, is particularly useful if you are creating tutorials or simply wishing to share information that is on your website. Screenshots are 1 form of image that you can create and edit the way that you want to. They are simple an image of your screen captured at a particular moment in time.

So what tools do you have at your disposal to make sharp screen captures?

There are many free print screen software options around.

How to Capture Screen Shots- Keyboard Options

I am often asked how to do screenshots or more specifically the question “How do I use print screen?”.  So the 1st part of this article answers these questions and then the 2nd part provides some more advanced alternatives. 

If you are just looking for information on how to make a screenshot using the keyboard alone, then this is very straightforward, limiting but straightforward nonetheless.

Step 1: You simply bring up the screen or window that you want to capture. This could be a document that you have opened on your screen such as a pdf file or it could be a web page that demonstrates a point.

Step 2: Press the PrntScrn button (or Print Screen button depending on your keyboard). This places the image in the clipboard. If you have more than 1 window open on the screen, then you can capture a shot of just the active window by pressing Alt-PrintScrn.

Step 3: Open your preferred image editing tool. This will allow you to edit the captured shot and crop as required.

Step 4: Start a new image in your editing tool and then simple paste in your screen shot by pressing Ctrl-V.

Step 5: Edit or crop the image as you like and then save it as a JPG, a GIF or a PNG file.

Now you have a file that you can insert into your webpage or email or e-book as needed.

How to Make a Screenshot – Free Screen Capture Software

The advantage of using screen capture software, is in how you can manipulate the image before you take it into your image editing tool. And some of the screenshot software actually come with some editing functionality as well which then eliminates the need for an image editor.


Jing screen capture was my first experience with screen shot software.  I have found it very useful, although it doesn’t have some of the cool features that others do

  • It has a selective screen tool so that you are not forced to capture the whole screen or the active window.
  • It does allow you to select the section of the screen you want to capture and then you can add text boxes and arrows to highlight aspects in the image etc. as shown below.
  • It has a text editor that allows you to add annotations to your screen captures.
  • You do need to register with the company after installing.
  • You can save the screen snapshot to your computer or output it to
Capture Screen Shot

Example of using Jing, a screen shot program



You are restricted to saving the image as a PNG file but you can optimize it in a tool like PhotoShop.

It is a very easy-to-use screenshot program and can be downloaded here: Jing

Screenshot Captor

Another screenshot software free download is that of Screenshot Captor and this tool offers lots of additional features and capabilities.

For example

  • You can choose the type of edging you would like around your screenshot.
  • You can add additional boxes, arrows and text to the captured image.
  • You can save your file in any of a huge number of file types such as JPG, GIF, PNG or you can save it as a PDF for example.

Screenshot software Windows

Other appealing aspects include:

  • The creators provide how-to videos that show you how to master particular tasks.
  • There are many different capture modes and as you can see from the screenshot above, it does capture an especially sharp image.
  • It comes with lots of editing tools.
  • There is a watermarking tool
  • It include3s a Scrolling Window Capture Tool
  • It has an editor that allows you to do lots of customizing.
  • The company offers free registration but if you are a business employing people, you can get a commercial license.

You can get your Screenshot Free download here:  Screenshot Captor

SnapDraw Free

SnapDraw is another free screen capturing software. It offers a nifty facility that allows you to magnify a part of your screenshot like so:

Free Print Screen Tool


 Snapdraw’s other features include:

  • It has an editor that allows you to crop the your screen captures.
  • You can make use of text shapes, such as callouts, and arrows etc.
  • It has tools for creating 3D effects as well as reflections, like in the screenshot above.

You can download the tool here: Snapdraw

This screen print software makes it very easy to annotate the images that you have captured before inserting them into documents or into your web pages.


It’s fantastic just how many screenshot program free tools are available for download and of course, the functionality that they provide. But of those that I have looked at and/or used I am most happy, at the moment, with Screenshot Captor. I think it is one of the best free screenshot software tools out there.

Let me know, via the comments section below, what you have been using. If on the other hand you are just starting to use one of these tools, then please share below your opinion on which features you are finding most useful.


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