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Blog DialogIf you are wondering if your blog commenting campaign is bearing any fruit, then this tip can start to turn it around for you.

Tip of the Day: Communicate with a Real Person

When leaving a comment, try to move beyond the idea of winning a possible backlink and instead see the whole exercise as one of communicating with a real person, the actual blog owner or author of the post.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Put a face to the blog owner.
    • If an avatar has been uploaded, you should be able to see a small photo of the author preceding his/her comment responses.
    • Otherwise, click on the blogger’s about page.
      Many bloggers will  have included a photo on their profile page.
      If it is a guest post, then look for that author’s photo.
    • Now you can put a face to the person you are communicating with when you leave your comment. This can add a new friendlier dimension to your blog dialog.


  • Use the blogger’s name when leaving your comment.
    • Make sure that you have read the post and scanned for a couple of points that will allow you to leave a meaningful comment.
    • When you use the blogger’s name, refer back to ideas from the post in a way that indicates that you have actually read it.


  • Leave the door open for an ongoing communication.
    • Try to think of a way to invite the blogger’s interest, hopefully in your own blog.
      Perhaps, you can refer to an idea that you have discussed in the past or you can ask a question or you can make a statement that invites elaboration from the blogger.


  • Scan the comments left by others
    • Look for a comment made by another visitor to the blog; a comment that really says something, that really makes a contribution.
    • Reply to this comment in a way that can invite an ongoing dialog with the visitor.
      This is a great idea proposed by Enstine Muk and, as Enstine expressed it, your goal with this technique is one of networking.


  • Keep the dialog going a little longer
    • Most bloggers will reespond to a comment that you have left, provided it is making a contribution to the converstaion.
      Opt to receive an email notification when there is a response on the post. (You can set up your email client so that comment-related emails are siphoned off into a dedicated folder.)
    • When the blogger responds to your comment, return to the blog and reply to his or her rsponse, in true communicating style.

      Again, credit for this idea goes to Enstine; you can check out his blog here.


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4 thoughts on “Blog Comments that Get Results: Double Traffic with Comments

  • Enstine Muki

    Hi Glenys,
    I love it when I read something of value!
    Blog commenting is a real tool but most bloggers are leaving the powerful corners out. It shouldn’t be just like – drop once and leave forever. It should be a conversation as you point out here. I love the point on leaving the door open for an ongoing communication. That means words have to be used to get the commentators back 😉 – Powerful indeed!

    Oh wow! thanks for the pleasant surprise linking to my post and giving me credits 😉

    Do have a wonderful week. Waiting for your next article 😉

    • Glenys Grob Post author

      You’re welcome Enstine. You had some really good tips in your post; I like reading posts that have actionable ideas that you don’t see everywhere else.

      Yes I agree, blog commenting should open a dialog that leads to a sharing of ideas; a possible link should be secondary to the networking aspect.

      Thanks for stopping by and for tweeting my post; I really appreciate it.

  • scott masse


    Thanks for the helpful tips. I found your blog through a comment you left on Spencer’s site.

    I have witnessed almost 5% of my traffic to my new blog coming from comments I have left on Spencer’s site…….

    Great way to build targeted traffic!

    • Glenys Grob Post author

      I agree Scott. Plus, it has the added advantage of adding to our own knowledge, as we read posts that we are commenting on. It is also a great way to network and to find out what other online entrepreneurs are doing as well as getting the word out about your own site.
      Thanks for dropping by Scott.