Tip of the Day: Leave a Relevant Link when Blog Commenting

Comment LinksSo you have started to incorporate blog commenting as part of your traffic generation campaign.

This is good, but only good if the comments actually make a contribution. This is your reputation that you are building, so you want to impress with your knowledge and demonstrate that you are indeed an expert in your area.

The Leave a Comment Form

Now, you will be familiar with the typical comment form that appears below most blog posts:

Form for entering comment

You will probably notice that most people link to their home page when completing the Website field.

The trick here is to link instead to a page on your site that is relevant to the content of the post that you are commenting on.  So if you happen to be commenting on a blog post about responsive themes, then you could link your name to a similar post that you have published on your own blog.

Leave link to post

As you can see in the screenshot above, instead of just entering


I have entered:


Leaving Meaningful Comments

As mentioned before, you need to read the post to be able to make a meaningful comment.  In addition to being able to make a contribution with your comment, having to read the post will extend your own knowledge at the same time.

I like to read posts that are relevant to a a topic that I an currently exploring and writing about. This exercise provides research that I can refer to in my next blog post as well as giving me ideas I can discuss in my comments.


 Teaser image courtesy of  jscreationzs/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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