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EasyAzon PluginUpdate: EasyAzon has now been updated to version 4. The review below was written about version 3.  I continue to use it and find EasyAzon 4 indispensable in my arsenal of affiliate marketing tools.

I simply love this tool. 

Without it, I would find inserting Amazon links very tedious. And I must say that the enhancements in the latest version of the tool are fantastic.

As noted below, links to this product are my own affiliate links but even if I were not an affiliate, I would recommend this tool without hesitation. It is so easy to set up and so easy to use from within your WordPress editor screen.

Below is the review that I wrote when I first used EasyAzon 3. The one feature request I mentioned then has already been incorporated in subsequent releases along with many other features that were probably on users’ wish lists.  If you would like to jump to my step-by-step guide for setting up EasyAzon 4 instead then click here.

EasyAzon 4 Available Here

Otherwise if you would like to see my original review of the earlier version, then read on.

Review of EasyAzon 3

For some time, I had been hearing a lot about Chris Guthrie’s EasyAzon plugin for Amazon affiliate sites. Please note, that I am an affiliate of this product but I actually became so because of what I am about to write here.

Chris, as you most likely know, has made a real name for himself as an extremely successful Amazon associate.  I had already read his Kindle book on making money with Amazon, so it was obvious that he knows what he is talking about and he always provides really great tips with his products.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to take a closer look at his plugin, EasyAzon.  It is now almost February, so I have given it some time before deciding to review it for my readers.

Chris Guthrie’s Amazon Plugin

Once you have purchased the plugin, you are given access to the members’ area. The members’ area has all the resources you could require to get going.

The plugin guide, found in the members’ area,  starts with a series of steps and videos that lead you through the setup and configuring stages:

1. Uploading and Installing EasyAzon

There are 2 parts to the plugin: core and pro. Each is required, but I found the installation instructions very easy to follow, supplemented by a video. So it took only minutes to install the plugin and configure it.

I did have 1 question about the Product Advertising API and the response was almost immediate, answering my query in an instant. So I would have to say that customer support is very good.

2. Setting Up & Configuring EasyAzon

The 2nd step has a video as well.

As mentioned, I followed along with the step by step instructions, supplemented by screenshots and a video. So I had no problem setting up the plugin and configuring it to suit myself.

And of course you can return to the setup page at any time and change your mind about any of the options that can be set.

Configuring EaszyAzon

3. Creating Amazon Affiliate Links Using EasyAzon

 The 3rd step shows you how to access the plugin via a handy button in your editor screen.

EasyAzon Plugin Icon

 This part I really like! Once it is configured, you always have access to the plugin options via the button that appears above your editing icons.  Very handy!! There is no need to leave your blog. You can simply enter a product name or its ASIN and then choose whether or not you want in insert an image link, a text link, an info block or an action button.

Your Amazon Associate ID is already there, because you have entered it in the configuration panel. So every link that is inserted already has the id included.

Clicking on the EasyAzon button allows you to search for the product you want.

For example, lets say you want to promote a camera. You could just enter the search term ‘camera’ and then be presented with a long list of choices from Amazon.

EasyAzon Plugin Search

You can of course narrow down your search by entering the actual product name.

You choose your option of type of link and then a shortcode is inserted into your page (with your associate id already embedded). There is no going back to the HTML code; it is inserted in your text view for you.

My Opinion of EasyAzon

I have to admit I was very surprised at the ease of use as well as the time-saving aspect of this plugin. I guess you would have to say, it is very appropriately named.

Yes, I am an affiliate of the plugin but this is a plugin that I use nearly every day. And I was expecting that this would be the case.

All in all, I would have to say that the features that stand out in my mind are:

  • So easy to set up and configure
  • Excellent customer support
  • Updates provided
  • An immense time-saver
  • No need to edit the code at all
  • No need to leave your blog post
  • Bonus guides and tips
  • Looks very polished
  • Lots of options including which Amazon (country) you are associated with

I prefer not to include the Amazon prices but that option is there if you want it, along with advice about the Amazon terms of use.

I’m trying to think if there are any cons or any suggestions that I could make for improvement in this plugin. Perhaps I would like the option to change the wording of the anchor text of the text link but then I rarely need to and if I wanted to, I could go into the shortcode itself (not even the code) and change the wording of the text link.

The EasyAzon sales page provides a video that gives you a preview of what you can expect. So you might like t look at that to see if this plugin is what you are looking for.

EasyAzon V4 Plugin


In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending the EasyAzon Plugin.

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