EasyAzon 4 Plugin: Upgrade to Easy Azon 4 & EasyAzon Pro

EasyAzon V4 Plugin

Earlier in 2015, owners of Chris Guthrie’s EasyAzon plugin needed to make a decision: 

Upgrade to the newest version (EasyAzon 4) or stay with EasyAzon V3.

By the way if you don’t already own this plugin, then you can see why I now find it indispensable here for any site promoting Amazon products. This is a tool I would not be without. In other words, if you are an Amazon Associate, then this plugin can save you HEAPS of time!! For example, there is no need to mess with code of do any copying and pasting of code. There’s no need to leave your site, it is all done from your editing screen.

I must say that I hesitated in upgrading from version 3 to version 4 at first because 1 of my sites in particular is very heavily dependent on the tool. I didn’t want to run the risk of formats being different for my Amazon links or the risk of any broken links.  But this initial hesitation was not necessary at all!!

Once I decided to upgrade, I was firstly relieved by how easy it was to transition to the latest version and secondly impressed by the added functionality in EasyAzon V4.

EasyAzon Plugin Files

EasyAzon consists of 2 uploads, 2 plugins to be installed:

  • EasyAzon Core
    This part of the plugin is free and allows you to insert text links but none of the image links.
  • EasyAzon Pro
    This is needed if you was to access the full range of options such as image links. The results definitely look much more professional with Pro included.

How to Upgrade the EasyAzon Plugin (Existing Owners of EasyAzon)

If you were using EasyAzon V3 then you would have seen in your WordPress plugin screen that an update was available.

EasyAzon Updates

However, note that the small print indicates the update is to V4. So if you update without upgrading first then your links won’t work  properly unless you just want to use text links.  Updating V3 without upgrading to V4 (purchasing the new version) then shortcodes will appear instead product images. You need to buy EasyAzon 4 as EasyAzon 3 is no longer supported.

As an EasyAzon 3 owner, you should be able to access a good deal on version 4.

In case you are still toying with the idea of whether or not to upgrade, here is a step-by-step outline of how to do the upgrade seamlessly.

I suggest making the upgrade at the time of day when your traffic is lightest as it can take a couple of minutes to complete the upgarde and thus for the changes to start working correctly.  Or you can put your site into maintenance mode (highly recommended).

  1. Make a copy of your Settings page from EasyAzon V3 so that you can make sure that you have the same settings in the new version.
    Version 4 does use the settings from Version 3 so this is just a safeguard.
  2. Uninstall EasyAzon V3
  3. Delete EasyAzon V3 core and pro plugins
  4. Upload your purchased EasyAzon V4 Core and Pro zip files via Plugins – Add New – Upload  Plugin .
  5. Activate both plugins
  6. Check your settings via clicking on EasyAzon from the left menu of your WordPress dashboard and then using the tabs at the top of the EasyAzon screen. You should see that your keys have been inserted for you from your previous version.

    Settings for EasyAzon

  7. Check if your pages are working in the same way, that is, that the installation has worked properly.

How to Install the EasyAzon Plugin (first time users)

You can follow these steps if you are installing EasyAzon for the first time.

If you are buying the tool for the first time, here is your step-by-step guide on how to install it.

  1. Upload your purchased EasyAzon V4 Core and Pro via Plugins – Add New – Upload  Plugin .
    These will be 2 zipped files; leave them zipped and upload as is.
  2. Activate both plugins
  3. Configure the settings by clicking on EasyAzon in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.
    You can also follow the directions from the EasyAzon video tutorials to enter settings such as
    • Access Key ID
    • Secret Access Key

      How to install EasyAzon

  4. Test the new plugin on a new post.
    You will see that there is a button for EasyAzon in your screen editor.
    When you want to insert a link to an Amazon product, just click on this button, search for a product and then choose if you want a text link or an mage link or a call to action etc.
  5. Preview your page to see if the Amazon product is displayed properly.

What Is New in EasyAzon V4?

  • Now have a choice of image sizes.
  • Can more easily take advantage of international traffic via the automatic link localizer which automatically adjusts to the local Amazon site.
    You can enable link localization  for any country that Amazon supports.
  • Different popup options that are much more versatile this time.
  • More flexibility with Add to Cart options.

EasyAzon V4 Plugin

My Take on the EasyAzon Plugin

I can’t imagine running an Amazon site anymore without this plugin.

It is so easy to use.

It saves me heaps of time.

It is easy to upgrade.

It is well supported.

>> Get EasyEzon V4 Developer Rights <<

>> Get EasyAzon V4 Multi Site Rights <<

Let’s know if you are using this tool and what you think of it via the comments. If you are anything like me,  I’m sure you would be reluctant to ever be without this tool.

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