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How to create an ecommerce websiteThis is a course that can help you get started with your own online business. It leads you step-by-step through the stages required to start selling online.

And upon successful completion of the course, not only can you have your online store operating but you will also receive a certificate of completion.

How to Build an eCommerce Website

A Udemy Course – by Darragh Griffin

At the time of publishing this post, How to Build an eCommerce Website Step by Step was rated as 5 stars.
This online course provides a very comprehensive guide, via the use of videos, to take you from novice through to developer of your own online store.
The materials are delivered at a very good pace, and can be studied at a time of your choosing and over as many days or weeks as suits you. However, the instructor of this course advises that you can have your own eCommerce up and running within days of doing the course.

Who is this Course For?

Beginners would certainly benefit from this course, as would people who have made a start with eCommerce but are having difficulty getting it off the ground.

So the people who would stand to benefit greatly from this course would be:

  • Beginners
  • Anyone who has attempted to set up an online store but was unsure about some of the steps.
  • Anyone who has in the past started an online store but did not complete it successfully.


The site building software that is used in this course is osCommerce, an easy and free eCommerce website builder.

Prerequisites of This Course

No prior experience in eCommerce  is required.

All you need in an internet connection and you are ready to access all of the course materials.

Noteworthy Features of the Course

There is no limitation on the time to completion of your course. If you are interrupted for any reason, you can come back to it at any time.

One of the aspects that I really like about this course is its price. I’ve looked at many courses and I think this course is very well priced and even more so given the quantity of course materials provided.

I also like the search feature that you end up building in your eCommerce site. This allows customers to browse categories of products until they find what they are looking for.

You are also shown how to connect seamlessly with PayPal so that your shopping cart is fully functional.

The videos make it very clear; the instructor speaks in a very, very clear voice and at a good steady pace so that you are not lost.

I really like the feature that allows customers to leave reviews. This is a huge plus!!

What’s In It for You If You Take This Course?

You will learn a considerable amount about setting up any website online. But in addition to that, for a very small outlay, you will learn how to do the web development work yourself. And of course, by following the step-by-step instructions, you can have your own online store operating by the end of the 7 hour course.

Build an eCommerce Website Course Content

Hours of Instruction: 7

The course consists of 12 sections with a series of video lectures in each, totaling 77 lectures.

How to Build Your Own eCommerce WebsiteTopics in the Course include:

  • Previewing the type of online store that you will build
  • Preparing for your online presence
    • Getting your own domain name
    • Finding a web host
    • Installing the database that you will need for your products
  • Installing the free web builder software
    • osCommerce
    • Downloading the free ftp program: FileZilla
    • Connecting your database and website
  • Setting up your Admin area
    • Your logo & other images
    • Your store
    • Customer details
    • Product details
    • Shipping options
    • etc.
  • Setting up the Catalog Area
    • Categories of products
    • Products themselves
    • Customer reviews
    • Product Specials
    • Manufacturers
  • Setting up the Different Modules
    • Payments
    • Social Bookmarks
    • Shipping
    • Orders
    • etc.
  • Setting up the Customers Area
    • Recording orders etc.
  • Locations & Taxes
  • Reports
    • Customers
    • Products
  • Tools
    • Backups
    • Newsletter
    • Emails
    • Security
    • etc.
  • Customizing Your Website
    • Photoshop
    • Headers
    • Background images
    • Website themes & how to change them
    • Page content
    • Launching your Site

Note: There are many other topics included in each section, in addition to those listed above.

What Students are Saying about This Course

Web Design from the Ground Up ReviewsAt the time of publication of this post, more than 200 people had taken the course.

It is obvious from the comments that this course is well structured and well paced.

Typical comments include:

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to make your own site
  • Don’t have to pay too much to build your own site.
  • Don’t lose control of your site to an external developer when you learn how to do it yourself
  • Definitely recommend it
  • Great course on osCommerce
  • Directions are clear and concise
  • Specific instructions on how to connect site to PayPal

As one person who took the course expressed it, “I was very pleased with this course.”

Learn how to build your own eCommerce site


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If you decide that this is the course for you, please return here and leave your own review so that we can share your findings with others. And we would be happy to see your online store as well.


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