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You no doubt already use various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  But are you getting the results you had hoped for? Have you explored the many tools and promotional tricks that each has to offer?


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Perhaps incorporating social media into your e-marketing is something that you felt you needed to do and now you feel slightly better that you have been able to tick that box.

Using Twitter, in a way that promotes your e-Business, is a real art form. But, unless you have access to a reliable guide, you very well may be just skimming the surface with respect to what you can expect from tweeting. If this is the case, then you are probably handing a huge advantage to your competition, particularly if they have become Twitter savvy.

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  • How to use hashtags so that you can connect with a larger audience
  • How hashtags work with respect to search and why you should search before sending you tweets
  • The must-have Twitter tool  – and you’d be surprised how many of your competitors are not using it
  • How one Twitter tool can help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche

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