How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

Promote and Engage Your Brand with Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories provide a new and exciting way to advertise, promote and engage potential customers.

Promoting Brands with Instagram

Instagram itself advises that one out of three stories viewed on their social media website is from a business. The 300 million daily users of Instagram Stories can become your new audience. It is always best to be ahead of your competitors rather than left behind. So it is time to explore this thrilling option.

Why Use This Social Media Platform for Promotion

Apart from the 300 million-strong potential audience, why is Instagram Stories a successful way to boost your brand? It is a means of showing new products, events or services with maximum coverage and minimum time.

People spend an average of 28 minutes per day on Instagram and of these, 30% watch the Stories. Furthermore, 20% of the businesses who posted stories report a successful interaction with the user. Thus, there are plenty of reasons why you should use this social media website to promote your business.

How to Use Instagram Stories

How exactly are Instagram Stories working for the businesses who use it?

  • You can direct your users to a shoppable page, as do 59% of other business
  • Or you can direct your users to a blog, a video, another social media site, or a campaign page.
  • The most popular Stories used by established brands have product promotion, an inside look or advertise a live event.

Popular Niches

If your business is involved in fitness, fashion, retail, technology, travel, car industry or hospitality then you can be among the most popular industries on Instagram Stories.

This new way of promotion is being utilized for example by a very popular global fast food company in Malaysia who used playful animated videos on their story which resulted in a threefold increase in sales in their stores across the country.

Another successful example is an online fashion retailer who again used videos in their stories to increase their product awareness and promote their brand in the USA and UK. The result has been a 3% increase in awareness and a 14% increase in advertisement recall.

These examples are only two of the success stories. There are a huge variety of ways in which Instagram Stories can be used to achieve your goals of increasing brand awareness, promotion, customer service and sales.

Instagram Stories

Discover more about how your business can utilize Instagram Stories here.

Guest Author: Josh Wardini

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