Learning Dynamic Website Design – PHP, MySQL and JavaScript 6

Learning PHP & MySQLThis step-by-step course goes through the basics of PHP, as well as MySQL and JavaScript, providing ideal guidance on how to create your own website.

You are shown how to install both PHP and MySQL on your own computer so that you can learn locally before trying your skills out on your hosted server.

You are tutored from the beginning so that you learn the syntax of the languages and how to use them.  Then, this is topped off with lessons that show you how to add extra functionality to your website with CSS and JavaScript.

A Review of Learning Dynamic Website Design – PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

A Udemy Course – by Infinite Skills, lecturer: Steve Perry

With this course, you can learn the fundamentals of current web development technologies. You are shown how to create a secure backend that is interfaced by dynamic code.

At the time of publishing this post, Learning Dynamic Website Design was rated as 4.5 stars.

Who is this Course For?

This course, which provides an excellent introduction to dynamic web design, would be particularly suited to:

  • People who would like to create their own websites from scratch
  • People who like to have more control over the look and feel of their websites
  • Existing web developers who have not yet programmed in PHP but would like to branch out and add a new language to their skill set
  • People who would like to have more ability to edit their WordPress sites or other content management systems
  • People who have attempted to learn PHP and/or MySQL before but haven’t been able to find the right course

Highlights of This Course

One of the aspects that I really like about this course is that you have lifetime access to the materials. But, not only that, you also have access to an extensive Q&A section, access to a community of people learning the same concepts and are provided with over 12 hours of top quality materials.

What’s In It for You If You Enrol in this PHP Course?


  • You learn the skills required to create your own website from scratch.
  • You are provided with a certificate of completion at the end.
  • You get to communicate with like-minded people.

The Learning Dynamic Website Design Course Content

This online course consists of 126 lectures.

 Topics in the Course include:

Learning Dynamic Website Design

  •  An introduction to exactly what PHP and MySQL are and what you can expect from these languages
  • Looking at a real-life example
  •  Preparing your computer with these languages
  • Installation of a local server
    • WAMP if you use Windows
    • MAMP if you have a Mactinosh computer
  • The basic PHP tags
  • Fundamental constructs of any programming language and how they are written in PHP
  • Progressing to more advanced PHP constructs
  • A MySQL introduction
  • How to use PHP with MySQL, both basic and advanced
  • How to use PHP with CSS, JavaScript and AJAX
  • How to work server side
  • 8 Assignments scattered throughout the course
    • With assignment solutions

What People are Saying about This Course

 Learning Dynamic Website Design FeedbackAt the time of publication of this post, more than 2,600 people had taken the course.

It is obvious from the comments that this course is being very, very well received. For example, one person made the comment:

This has to be the best course I’ve taken so far on Udemy.

Other typical comments:

  •  Great course
  • Excellent instructor
  • Assignments are good
  • Lots of detail
  • Material is presented in a very clear way
  • Better than any other course  taken
  • Course is recommended
  • Very good instruction showing how to debug and locate errors as we go
  • Lots of tips and tricks given
  • A well organised course
  • Very easy to follow
  • If you have limited knowledge, this course is for you
  • Learning experience – excellent
  • Well worth the money
  • Would take other courses by this instructor
  • Excellent paced course

As another person who took the course expressed it:

In the first seven days of taking this Udemy course, I have a solid understanding of all the basic functions, rules, and things I never even got told at college.

Yet another made the comment:

I took this course after enrolling in a classroom based course, I really wish that I’d found this course first!

Learn PHP


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