MailerLite Review: An Impressive Email Marketing Tool to Build Your List

First Impressions of MailerLite

MailerLite Email Tool

This is an email marketing tool that is so easy to use, I could hardly believe it when I first tried it. 

I was searching for a cost-expedient tool that I could recommend, one that has an attractive free option while you are building up a subscription list.  

I first tried another tool with a free plan, but I found its pricing structure quite confusing and the form design quite limiting. 

So when I then tried MailerLite, the contrast, with respect to ease of use, was very definite.

What I Like About MailerLite

Building a list and keeping in touch with your reader base is very, very important.  So, we need an email marketing platform that supports this.  This review looks at one such platform, MailerLite.

Is this the tool for you?

It is certainly a tool that I like, so let’s take a look at the reasons why.

On top of my list would have to be the speed with which I was up and running with an operational subscription form. But there are several other aspects that I like so let’s tale a look at them:

  • Customer support is fast to respond and very friendly.
  • The user dashboard is very easy to navigate.
  • Subscription forms are very easy to edit and modify to your liking.
  • The suggestions for confirmation messages are very useful.
  • It is very easy to go back to your form and modify it or tweak it according to preferences.
  • The confirmation message sent out to subscribers looks great and can be edited to add your own branding.
  • There is live chat support at the ready as you progress through creating your form and emais:

    MailerLite Support

  • Their is a fast response to emailed questions
  • MailerLite offers a forever free plan that covers 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails.

    This nicely contrasts the free plans of a number of other companies in which there is a daily limit placed on the number of emails sent and in some cases, expire after so many months.

    You can see MailerLite’s pricing plan below, which reflects their offerings at the time of publishing this post. However, these prices would be subject to change at the company’s discretion so you would need to check their actual website to make sure.

Pricing Structure of MailerLite

(Subject to future changes)

MailerLite Pricing

Try MailerLite for Free

See what you think.

You can easily sign up for free and stick with their “lifetime” free plan until your business and subscription list grows so big that you need to upgrade. Even then, it is very cost effective, with the next level up being a mere $10 per month.

Click the link below to cross to the MailerLite site:

MailerLite Email Tool

MailerLite Email Marketing Software

Let’s know what you think?

Which email marketing software have you been using and are you happy with them?

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