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Increase trafficWhenever you go in search of some truly unique ideas on how to increase your website traffic, you invariably run into the same old superficial tips. It often takes some intensive hunting to find original ideas and evidence of their effectiveness.

But every now and then you come across some real gems replete with actionable steps that you can take.

For example, endless posts suggest writing guest posts but often forget to tell readers how to find blogs that will accept guest posts.

If we step up our investigation, we can definitely find some suggestions that qualify as gems of ideas.

Pinterest Boards

People have a natural preference for looking at images over reading lines and lines of text. We are a visual bunch.

So if you get some mileage out of the images that you already have on your site or blog, then you can start to get some traffic traction.

We talked last week about the value of setting up an account on Pinterest.  And that post looked at the phenomenal traffic that Pinterest enjoys.

We did look at Pinterest boards but not group boards on Pinterest.

Pinterest Group Boards

It can take a little while to see results from a board that you have just created. But if you can join a group board, one that is already established and also related to your niche, then you can springboard from an existing thriving hub.

A group board is similar to your own boards that you create with the exception that there are a number of invited people contributing to it.

People often refer to these group boards by different names. You might have already heard the terms:

  • collaborative boards
  • shared boards
  • contributor boards
  • etc.

I first came across this idea when reading a guest post on ProBlogger by Scott Purcell. Scott’s tip is a perfect fit to follow on from my Pinterest post of last week. 

Scott’s idea is to Google group boards on Pinterest in order to find one that is related to your particular niche.  And then, submit a request to join a board and once accepted participate by contributing or pinning.

For example, one of the top search results brings up this listing of group boards:

Group Boards on Pinterest

This is a good suggestion because at the moment you can’t go to any kind of directory on Pinterest to find a group board.

You may have already come across some group boards without realising it. The tell-tale sign is the little ‘people symbol at the top:

Group Pinterest Board

 Advantages of Joining a Pinterest Group Board

There are several ‘carrots’ that can make this a worthwhile venture:

  • It can help your content go viral.
  • You can expect far greater exposure by being a contributor to a group board.
  • A contributor to the group board could attract ‘fans’ who choose to follow all of their boards. This would mean that they are now a follow of a board of which you are a member.

 How to Join a Pinterest Group Board

There might be a few different ways you can go about seeking membership to a group board. Once you find the group board that you want to join, then you look for the rules that specify how to join. They could be any one of these methods:

  1. Many boards will have instructions at the top of the board advising you on what is required to join.

    For example, here are the instructions from 1 group board:

    Joining a group board on Pinterest

  2. In some cases you are asked to go to the profile of a board owner and follow instructions found there.
  3. In other cases, it is even more straight forward. You might be asked to comment on one of the pins found in the group board in order to qualify to join.

    Join Pinterest Group Board

  4. Some board owners will ask you to send an email.
  5. You can be invited in some cases by asking a board member, or pinner, to send you an invitation.
  6. You can also receive unsolicited invitations to join a group board.

Summing Up

You can of course create your own group board and then be in charge of the board membership.

All in all, Pinterest group boards are a great way to share interests, collaborate on projects, build up a team spirit within an organisation or showcase group accomplishments.

But best of all, they can prove to be a great source of traffic to your blog.


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