Profit with Pinterest – a Case Study

A Pinterest CourseThis course shows you how to make money on Pinterest. The fact that so many people have enrolled in this course over time,  is indicative of its popularity.

The 24 video series is supplemented by a 24 page pdf guide to download.

A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the course.

As one “graduate” of the course points out, many people don’t realize that you can profit from your Pinterest pins.

Profit with Pinterest

A Udemy Course – by Ashley Zee

At the time of publishing this post, Profit with Pinterest was rated as 4.5 stars and had been taken by more than  1,700 students.
The materials consist of:
  • video lectures
  • whiteboard lectures
  • text materials – a pdf for downloading

Who is this Course For?

The people who would stand to benefit most from this course would be:

  • People who wish to join Pinterest but haven’t done so yet
  • Internet marketers wanting to learn how to make money using Pinterest
  • People who are currently using Pinterest but would like to get more out of it

It is designed to allow you to progress through the lectures at your own pace.

Prerequisites of This Course

No prior experience with Pinterst is required. Some prior knowledge can be useful but not essential.

Having said that, experienced Pinterest users can get a lot out of the course as well.

Noteworthy Features of the Course

  • You are able to submit questions to the instructor via your screen.
  • It is very, very reasonably priced.
  • You have life time access to the materials.
  • It doesn’t take long to complete but provides you with a lot of ideas that you will refer back to.

Profit with Pinterest Course Content

Hours of Instruction: 1.5

The course consists of 6 sections with a series of 26 lectures in total.

Pinterest Course on UdemyTopics in the Course include:

  • An introduction to Pinterest
    • Why use Pinterest
    • The pdf guide on profiting with Pinterest
  • Good Pinterest Topics
    • Niches
    • Different categories
    • Google Insights
  • Pins
    • Understanding different types of pins
    • Store credits
    • Pins for promoting affiliate programs
  • Tactics used for Pinning
    • Board Names
    • Examples of what to do and what not to do
    • When to display price
    • Hashtags
  • Followers
    • How to get Pinterest followers
    • How to use Yahoo answers and Craigslist
    • The invite feature
  • Conclusion
    • Putting it all together

Note: There are many other topics and sub-topics in addition to those listed above.

What Students are Saying about This Course

Web Design from the Ground Up ReviewsAt the time of publication of this post, more than 1,770 people had taken the course.

Typical comments include:

  • Instructor very knowledgeable
  • Course is a bargain
  • Highly recommended
  • The course is just what I was looking for.
  • A pinworthy course
  • Good for both beginners and experienced users of Pinterest
  • Excellent course
  • Very entertaining lectures
  • Very clear step-by-step instruction
  • Very good Pinterest marketing tips
  • Many ideas for affiliate marketing
  • Didn’t realise my pins could be made profitable
  • Particularly geared towards affiliates
  • Sound quality could be a little clearer
  • Terrific course

As one person who took the course expressed it, ” Jam packed with money making tips.”.

Profit with Pinterest


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