4 Power Packed Ideas to Promote Your Blog Post in Minutes 6

goodideaA lot of great content is never seen. How frustrating!!

You have put your heart and soul into doing your keyword research  and writing something that is both meaningful and actionable. You click the publish button and then you watch, and watch and watch to see if anyone turns up to read it.

If this is you, then here are some unique, actionable ideas for getting the word out about your latest posts.

We have all read the usual promotion ideas and don’t get me wrong, they work. But for this post, I have gone in search of some fresh ideas that can inspire you, ideas that take only minutes to implement.

1. A Top 10 List Award

Thanks for this idea goes to Kim Garst  from www.kingarst.com who published a post on different ways to promote your blog..

People love reading top 10 lists and of course bloggers love writing them because of the high probability of attracting readers. However, this idea takes it another step forward. 

Here the idea is to list the top 10 people or organisations within a given niche and then reach out to them by providing them with an award, or as Kim puts it a badge, for being in your top 10.

Because they now have something to showcase to their readers, they are very likely to display the award on their site with a link back to where their readers can read this top 10 accolade, in other words a link back to your site.

You could even go a step forward and provide, along with the award, the HTML code that contains your link .


 2. Tip Tweets

As soon as you have published your post, write 15 to 20 tip tweets based on the information provided in your post.  Do this while the content is still fresh in your mind. You can even provide quotes from statements in your post or a question that suggests an answer if the tweet is clicked or a simple tip that makes your followers hungry to read more.

Make sure that each tip links back to your blog post.

Schedule your tweets to go out over the next so many days, targeting the optimum times of day to maximise your chances of being read. A tool will make this much easier. There are several tools out there but the one that I am currently using is Hootsuite and I find it very efficient.

Schedule Tweets

3. Share on Google+

As soon as I have published my post, I share information about it on  Google+. Almost immediately, I can see from my traffic stats that a Google bot has visited my site.

Google+ is very easy to use once you have your account set up. You can join a number of related circles which will lead in turn to you being included in niche circles. This makes your sharing even more targeted.

Share on Google+

4. Pin It

Not one of the ideas above is labour intensive.  They take just a few minutes, after you hit the Publish button, and then the word is out that you have shared something worth reading.

This idea is probably even faster, once you have an account on Pinterest. 

I use the Pin It Button addon for FireFox. It sits on my toolbar to the right of my screen. As soon as I have published a new post, I click this handy little button and then select an appropriate image from the collection that it finds.

I already have a Pinterest board set up for my blog, so I just select my preferred image to appear in that board. I add a little description and include the URL again in that description.

 Pinterest Pin It Button

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest and how you can use it in your online business, I can highly recommend this course that shows you how to profit from Pinterest

 Bonus Idea: Get Some Love on BizSugar

A promotion idea that is equally as fast to execute, is sharing your post on sites like BizSugar.  Again the only task that requires a little more time, is setting up your account in the first place. Once that is done, you can share any of your published content, get votes, vote on other’s content and leave comments.

An image of your blog post appears on BizSugar, along with your brief description and of course the title. If people want to read your entire post, they click on the link which takes them back to your blog.

Promoting Post on BizSugar


It is definitely worth your time (and as you can see, it doesn’t have to be a lot of your time) to let people know about your newly published content.

Find some strategies that you enjoy doing and that take only a few minutes to complete. 

In addition to the ideas listed above, you can find a very comprehensive list of ideas published by Rebekah Radice. I can highly recommend that you take a look at her ideas. 

And then make a list of at least 5 tactics that you will implement each time you have published a post. The more the better, but start with at least 5.

What promotion ideas are you already using?


Teaser image by Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net
Badge image by nuttakit, freedigitalphotos.net

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