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Keyword Research ToolFraser Cain’s Keyword Strategy Tool

UPDATE:  Keyword Strategy ceased to operate on March 28, 2013. I now use Spencer Haw’s Long Tail Pro keyword tool.

I have used a number of different tools to help me do keyword research and analysis.  As a result, I have found that each tool offers something a little different from the others. Some are particularly good for doing niche keyword research, others excel in long tail keyword research and many include good ranking tools along with competition metrics. So far, the best keyword research tools that I have used are … Market Samurai (still), Long Tail Pro and Fraser’s Keyword Strategy Tool.

I originally decided to take up the 1 month trial offer provided with the Keyword Strategy tool. This allowed me to do keyword research free for that month. I then subsequently became a member at the end of that month, signing up for the 2 project plan.

I think that the tool provides a number of advantages:

  • It keeps you organized and on track. 
  • You don’t need to do lengthy competition calculations or look ups.
  • You get competition metric data in bulk on all keywords uploaded or imported.
  • It provides an approach or a philosophy that you can apply which allows you to learn how to do keyword research simply by using the tool.

But you can read a much more detailed review here: Keyword Strategy Review


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