Review – How to Make Money with Twitter 2

A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization

By Tom Corson-Knowles

The author, Tom Corson-Knowles, suggests that you can learn, from his e-book, how to get 3,000 targeted leads each month and then convert them into customers. The time estimated to achieve this goal is a mere 15 minutes daily.

His intro promises a straightforward, to-the-point, guide without going into lengthy background theories. So, now that I have purchased his guide myself, I’m going to evaluate it’s value against these claims and from the point of view of my own expectations of a book that covers Twitter marketing and Titter monetization.

This is a Kindle book from Amazon, extremely well priced as you can see, and of course, instantly downloadable. By the way, you can read Kindle books on a Kindle reader or by downloading Amazon’s free software to read them on your PC.  You can find a link to either option via my tools page.

Credibility Behind How to Make Money with Twitter

I believe that Tom Corson-Knowles is speaking from true experience given that he himself has over 40,000 Twitter followers. Now that is quite a feat! And of course this can be verified simply by going onto Twitter and searching for his name. He attributes at least 100 daily visitors to each of his websites from each of his Twitter accounts. And now he shares how to make money using Twitter in this e-book on Amazon.

At the time of writing this review, Tom’s book had been reviewed by 24 people but now you can find 70+ reviews on Amazon.

Overview of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 – great for beginners.
    It goes over how to set up your account with some great advice on what to use as your Twitter username (or handle).
  2. Chapter 2 – getting more Twitter followers.
    Here you learn of:

    • software that Tom uses to automate the process.
    • a free WordPress plugin to help
  3. Chapter 3 – automating the steps
    This chapter talks about software that can automate not only your tweets but getting followers on Twitter from the right sector, in other words targeted followers. It discusses more than 1 tool and makes a comparison between them.
    You are also provided with a how-to video.
  4. Chapter 4 – making money from Twitter
    This chapter discusses 6 different ways to make money on Twitter. Many of these ideas were very new to me so I’m sure you’ll find them interesting as well.
  5. Chapter 5 – other ideas for making money on Twitter
  6. Chapter 6 – having more than 1 Twitter account.
    Why having more than 1 Twitter account can make sense, how they would differ from each other.
    Tom’s daily schedule to keep it humming.
  7. Chapter 7 – additional resources

The book finishes up with a long list of motivational videos, useful links and other resources that you can access.

The Positives

So what are the aspects of this book, on how to make money from Twitter, that appealed to me?

I particularly liked:


  • The suggestion that Twitter can be a much cheaper form of marketing.
  • The idea that you can make money with Twitter without spending countless hours of time, all the while wondering it it is going to work.
  • The fact that it sounds like Tom spent some time in the social media wilderness before finding a methodology that worked for him. So, he would be writing from a sense of what everyone else goes through at first when trying to utilize social media for their business.
  • The style of writing. Tom writes in a very conversational manner which makes it much easier to read and far more interesting than a reeling off of facts and figures.
  • That it lists software used to automate the process of increasing Twitter followers each day.
  • The example pages that the author shows from his own site.
  • That it also includes a discussion on the use of other social media.

The Negatives

So did I find anything to criticize about this e-book that talks about Making Money with Twitter

  • A couple of the hyperlinks didn’t work properly. But in most cases, you could find the link by running the mouse along the underlined text.
  • At first I was wondering if the book did as it advertised and provided 40 pages of content. But I was wrong, as soon as I read past the intro etc., I found plenty of content on each page in each chapter. If anything, the book over-delivers for its price so I should move this point into the positives section.

So Does Twitter Make Money?

Tom Corson-Knowles has certainly shown how he has been able to make money using Twitter. As with all ideas, they only work if you actually take action. And I can vouch for the impact that Twitter can have on traffic as written up in my post titled Can Twitter Send Traffic to Your Site?

I particularly liked the straight-to-the-point instructions in his Twitter marketing guide which really outlines how to monetize Twitter.

We have to always evaluate and re-evaluate if the tasks that we are doing online are worth it? That is, are our activities productive? It was good to see that Tom was able to curtail his countless hours spent checking and re-checking tweets on Twitter to a mere 15 minutes of targeted tasks on the site. And I think he has done a really good job in passing on his Twitter marketing strategies.

I think the book definitely delivers and is exceptional value for the money.  

How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization (Get More Twitter Followers And Make More Sales Online With Social Media, Sell More, Web Traffic)

I would love to hear from any of you who have implemented these ideas that show you how to make money on Twitter.  Let’s know what impact it has had on your traffic and if you have applied Tom’s “earn money with Twitter” ideas or if you have used any other Twitter marketing idea.


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