Tip of the Day: How to Promote Your Latest Blog Post 2

Publicise your blog posts

It can be very, very frustrating if you have just published a fantastic article to your website/blog only to find that no-one even knows it exists.

This is even worse if you have spent hours and hours doing your keyword research, writing your epic piece of content, proofreading it and then publishing it to the world. You know it is good; you know others can benefit from it, but it is now lost in the maze of great content on the web.

How do you get the word out?

How do you let the world know that you’ve got something to say and that it is well and truly worth reading?

There are of course several strategies. BUT today’s tip includes 1 of them and it is this:

Edit your email signature to include a descriptive link to your latest blog post.

Every time you write a new blog post, change that descriptive link.

Make the words in the link eye-catching so that people who regularly receive emails from you  will notice that there is something different at the bottom of your email.


What post promotion ideas have you tried?


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2 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: How to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

    • Glenys Post author

      You’re welcome Adithya. It is one idea that is very easy to implement but at the same time can be very effective for promoting your blog, in particular the latest post you have published.
      Thanks for reading.