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EasyAzon 4 Plugin: Upgrade to Easy Azon 4 & EasyAzon Pro

EasyAzon V4 Plugin

Earlier in 2015, owners of Chris Guthrie’s EasyAzon plugin needed to make a decision: 

Upgrade to the newest version (EasyAzon 4) or stay with EasyAzon V3.

By the way if you don’t already own this plugin, then you can see why I now find it indispensable here for any site promoting Amazon products. This is a tool I would not be without. In other words, if you are an Amazon Associate, then this plugin can save you HEAPS of time!! For example, there is no need to mess with code of do any copying and pasting of code. There’s no need to leave your site, it is all done from your editing screen.

I must say that I hesitated in upgrading from version 3 to version 4 at first because 1 of my sites in particular is very heavily dependent on the tool. I didn’t want to run the risk of formats being different for my Amazon links or the risk of any broken links.  But this initial hesitation was not necessary at all!!

Once I decided to upgrade, I was firstly relieved by how easy it was to transition to the latest version and secondly impressed by the added functionality in EasyAzon V4. (more…)

Amazon Affiliate Items with No Orders: Currently Unavailable 2

Promoting Products Currently Unavailable

Regardless of whether you manage just one or several Amazon affiliate sites, it can prove tricky when it comes to keeping track of products that have dropped out of production for some reason or are simply no longer on offer.

You have probably already noticed, to your horror, that a product you have been promoting is no longer available. That is, it is now listed on the Amazon site as “Currently Unavailable“.

Now, obviously if you are promoting just a few Amazon products then you can easily manually check from time to time to make sure that each item is still being offered for sale. 

However, a soon as the number of products you are promoting starts to grow and grow, by which time you are hopefully using EasyAzon, then checking each item manually becomes less feasible. Here is how I weed out items that are currently unavailable for sale: (more…)