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How to Find Keywords with Low Competition: Rankings Analysis 8

Keyword Analysis

When looking for the ideal way to do keyword research, you will no doubt stumble upon many a forum discussion that covers how to rank for a keyword. 

The best approaches usually refer to competitive keywords and that is certainly the approach that I take, but the question of how to find low competition keywords is one that consumes a lot of brain energy. 

I spend a lot of time searching for competitive keywords by analyzing Google Webmaster Tools, using Long Tail Pro  and checking the competition in the top 10 positions in the search engine results.

Long Tail Pro

But, is this effective use of time or not?

This case study works backwards by looking at keywords that are already ranking on page 1 of Google in order to determine if my set of criteria for choosing a keyword is valid. (more…)

Get the Jump on Your Competition with Ubersuggest Keywords 2

Competitive Keywords

Tip of the Day – Finding Competitive Keywords

Finding low competition keywords can eat up an incredible amount of your time.  And of course time is precious. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half a day looking for the right keywords for your post and then finding out that the competition in the top 10 is simply too tough.

Thus your published post faces an uphill battle to get the attention it deserves.

Eyes on content – that is what it is all about.

You might be thankful to see that your post has been indexed quite quickly and even thankful to see that it has shot up to page 3 in the search engine results for some of your keywords, maybe even page 2.  But if it is lingering on page 3 after some time, it might as well be sitting on page 10 given that the results on page 1 dominate the click activity. (more…)

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries – Gone? 4

Webmaster Tools Search Queries not UpdatingUpdate Oct 2 2013: It’s back! But read on for some interesting points.
Update Dec 18 2014:  I still use Google Webmaster Tools all the time. However, I now also depend heavily on a keyword research tool called Long Tail Pro.

In case you are an avid user of the Search Queries part of Google Webmaster Tools, as I am, you will probably have been using the refresh key quite a lot since about September 23rd.  And of course nothing is refreshing.

Given the recent decision to encrypt all Google search data, you could well be forgiven for jumping to the conclusion that the GWT search query page is part of the fallout.