Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with the Hellobar

Grab attention with the HellobarTip of the Day – A Free Optimization Tool

You might have already noticed the Hellobar sitting at the top of the browser window when you have visited other blogs. It is a very nifty addition that stays at the top of the window as you scroll down the page. As such it provides a perfect way to catch people’s attention and to direct them to your specific landing page.

You can use the Hellobar tool to drive people to specific content or to your email signup.

You can see an example of the hello bar in action on Neil Patel’s blog: (more…)

Long Tail Pro Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool 18

A Keyword Research Tool - Long Tail ProUpdate:  Some changes earlier this year  rendered much of the content I originally wrote in this review out of date and much in need of revision.   

The main changes that I am referring to saw the introduction of a different pricing structure for those interested in acquiring Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro is an excellent keyword research tool and, as you have probably noticed, it is a tool that I refer to often on this blog. This is because it is a tool that I use on a daily basis. I have found it invaluable.

In fact, I love this tool.

This is the main reason that I have highly recommended it to my readers. 

And I believe that the recent changes, implemented by the developer, promise continued improvement to the tool.

However, along with these change has come a shift in pricing plans so I want to point out your current options if you are keen to avail yourself of what Long Tail Pro Platinum now has to offer. 

Long Tail Pro Versions

The owner of Long Tail Pro, Spencer Haws, has continually improved and enhanced the tool. 

In fact, it is probably fair to say that Spencer has knocked the ball out of the park with this keyword research tool.

In the Long Tail Pro Review below, I had originally outlined all of the reasons why this is the tool that I use almost daily. I first wrote the review at the end of 2012. Now, all these months on, I am still using Long Tail Pro which is testament to its ongoing value for keyword research in my affiliate marketing campaigns.

The following is an updated review to reflect the considerable changes that have taken place since Long Tail Pro V3 and is based on my own long-time use of the tool. (more…)