The Cream of the Blog Method: A Way to Increase Blog Traffic 4

Cream of the Blog Posts

Are you pulling your hair out trying to get traffic to your site?

Are you struggling to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Here is one simple technique that you can implement right away to start generating more traffic to your blog. Not only that, you can do it from your own website without having to visit countless other sites. 

In fact, this is a technique that I recommend you do on a regular basis, as part of your complete arsenal of traffic generating methods.

I like to refer to it as the Cream of the Blog Method because it targets the best of the best posts in a blog.  

The saying ‘cream of the crop’ or ‘cream of the cream’ refers to the best of the best. Cream rises to the top (of the milk). Similarly, these posts that I am concentrating on are the ones that have risen to the top; they have already proven themselves to be frontrunners, to be the posts that have the best chance of being seen in the search results.

So how do I identify these posts?

And what do I do about them once I have identified them?

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast


4 Power Packed Ideas to Promote Your Blog Post in Minutes 6

goodideaA lot of great content is never seen. How frustrating!!

You have put your heart and soul into doing your keyword research  and writing something that is both meaningful and actionable. You click the publish button and then you watch, and watch and watch to see if anyone turns up to read it.

If this is you, then here are some unique, actionable ideas for getting the word out about your latest posts.

We have all read the usual promotion ideas and don’t get me wrong, they work. But for this post, I have gone in search of some fresh ideas that can inspire you, ideas that take only minutes to implement. (more…)

Increase Your Website Traffic with Comment Marketing 13

blog-commentingWhilst comment marketing can be very time consuming, it can also be very, very effective.

In what way?

Well first of all, let’s look at what comment marketing is.

For starters, it usually refers to blog commenting and/or forum commenting.  But there is commenting and commenting. Not all comments are alike. In fact, not all comments will get through the moderation process.  However, if you do it correctly, your comment will most certainly be accepted for publishing and, in many cases, it will from then on be published without having to be moderated.

So what is the right way? (more…)