Twitter Pictures to the Rescue – Make Your Tweets Stand Out 4

Pictures in TweetsWe are all quite familiar with the 140 character Twitter text messages that we call tweets. But not everybody is aware of the rapidly growing visual nature of Twitter.

We have been seeing,for a while, the use of media links in tweets. But, now it is becoming even easier and more effective to include images, whenever they are relevant. 

In the past, you needed to click and expand the tweet to be able to view its media addition.  However, Twitter has now introduced an in-line feature that allows you to view photos and/or media without having to click on a link to expand the tweet. The image is right there as you scroll through your twitter feed. (more…)

Twitter for Businesses – Master Twitter in Under an Hour 2

Twitter EssentialsIs Twitter something that keeps getting shoved down to the bottom of your to-do-list? Do you keep telling yourself that you will soon find an hour or two to sit down and figure out how to use Twitter for businesses?

Perhaps you have used Twitter to advertise a post or 2 on your blog or a new page on your website. But do you really know what it is all about?

For example, do you know what to do if someone re-tweets one of your tweets?

Do you know what to do if someone favorites one of your tweets?

And what exactly IS Twitter etiquette anyway?

But more importantly, how can you use Twitter for your business? (more…)

Review – How to Make Money with Twitter 2

A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization

By Tom Corson-Knowles

The author, Tom Corson-Knowles, suggests that you can learn, from his e-book, how to get 3,000 targeted leads each month and then convert them into customers. The time estimated to achieve this goal is a mere 15 minutes daily.

His intro promises a straightforward, to-the-point, guide without going into lengthy background theories. So, now that I have purchased his guide myself, I’m going to evaluate it’s value against these claims and from the point of view of my own expectations of a book that covers Twitter marketing and Titter monetization. (more…)

Can Twitter Send Traffic to Your Site? 4

TWebsite Traffichis post talks about an actual occurrence that happened unexpectedly to the web traffic coming into one of my very small niche sites. As a result of this experience, I became very interested in exploring the potential of using Twitter to generate traffic to sites in general.

But first, let me tell my story of exactly what happened.

My Twitter Story

I had decided to do a series of interviews with experts in the field of this particular niche. (more…)