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Twitter EssentialsIs Twitter something that keeps getting shoved down to the bottom of your to-do-list? Do you keep telling yourself that you will soon find an hour or two to sit down and figure out how to use Twitter for businesses?

Perhaps you have used Twitter to advertise a post or 2 on your blog or a new page on your website. But do you really know what it is all about?

For example, do you know what to do if someone re-tweets one of your tweets?

Do you know what to do if someone favorites one of your tweets?

And what exactly IS Twitter etiquette anyway?

But more importantly, how can you use Twitter for your business?

Twitter Essentials in Under an Hour

A Udemy Course – by Deltina Hay

Here is a very, very popular course that shows you, in just a very short time, how to use Twitter for business.

At the time of publishing this post, Twitter Essentials in Under an Hour was rated as 5 stars.
This  comprehensive online course provides a very efficient way to learn the basics of using Twitter for business. The materials are very up-to-date and relevant for businesses wishing to leverage the advantages of Twitter. It provides real-world examples

Who is this Course For?

Anyone could benefit from a course such as this that takes so little time to get through. However, more specifically the people who would stand to benefit greatly from this course would be:

  • Business owners
  • Online marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Beginners – people who have never used Twitter
  • Seasoned Twitter users who have missed getting the most out of Twitter so far
  • Anyone who would like to manage a Twitter campaign effectively and efficiently

How to Use Twitter for Business Effectively

One of the aspects that I really like about this course is that it is updated on an on-going basis. This means it can keep pace with the ever-changing nature of the Internet and doing business on the web.

What’s In It for You If You Can Master Twitter?

  • Easier to use than other social media platforms
  • Can use it to generate leads
  • Can use it to promote your products
  • Can use it to advertise our services
  • Can use it to promote your own brand and become known as an authority in your niche

The Twitter  Course Content

 The course consists of 6 sections that include 17 online ‘lectures’ in total . This equates to 2 hours of content, 1 hour to cover the essentials (as the name suggests) and another bonus hour to extend your knowledge and skill level beyond the basics.

Topics in the Essentials’ Section include:

Twitter Essentials

  • The Twitter platform in detail
  • How to configure the Twitter settings
  • How to customize your Twitter profile
  • What makes up a Tweet
  • Tactics to use Twitter to leverage your promotions and reach more people
  • How to use Twitter widgets
  • How to automate the Twitter process using various tools, including Hootsuite
  • How to analyze how successful your Twitter campaign is
  • How to use Twitter promotions effectively
  • How to enhance your competitive edge in your niche marketspace.

Bonus Lectures Include:

  • How to go about finding qualified followers
  • How to enrage the people you are trying to reach.
  • How to improve your click-through rates.
  • Extra techniques that cover marketing and promotion

Bonus Videos Include:

  • How to implement Twitter widgets
  • How to integrate Twitter widgets & buttons on your website or blog
  • How to customize your profile using background images
  • How to implement advanced promotional techniques
  • Understanding the Twitter timeline
  • How to get your website featured in the Twitter timeline
  • Understanding and using Twitter cards

What Students are Saying about This Course

Web Design from the Ground Up ReviewsAt the time of publication of this post, more than 263 people had taken the course.

It is obvious from the comments that this course has been very well received.

Typical comments include:

  • You can get a grip on Twitter very quickly.
  • The instructor’s knowledge is profound, this is very obvious.
  • Great course.
  • Getting new followers daily since doing the course
  • Was stumbling through Twitter before course
  • Can see myself using Twitter more than Facebook for marketing
  • Perfect pace
  • Looking forward to the instructor’s future courses
  • Highly recommend taking this course

As one one person who took the course expressed it, “I had no idea there was so much behind Twitter”

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