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Competitive Keywords

Tip of the Day – Finding Competitive Keywords

Finding low competition keywords can eat up an incredible amount of your time.  And of course time is precious. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half a day looking for the right keywords for your post and then finding out that the competition in the top 10 is simply too tough.

Thus your published post faces an uphill battle to get the attention it deserves.

Eyes on content – that is what it is all about.

You might be thankful to see that your post has been indexed quite quickly and even thankful to see that it has shot up to page 3 in the search engine results for some of your keywords, maybe even page 2.  But if it is lingering on page 3 after some time, it might as well be sitting on page 10 given that the results on page 1 dominate the click activity.

Keyword Tools

So how can you find keywords that can position your articles more favorably?

The start of my own  keyword research usually begins with the Google Keyword Planner.

This is followed by some research using my copy of the Long Tail Pro tool. I particularly love this tool for checking competition in the top 10 search results.

Google Search Box Suggestions

Since the Google Hummingbird update, there has been a shift in focus towards topic-based content.  It thus pays to include a spread of relevant keywords rather than narrowing your focus to targeting just 1 keyword in your post.

The Google search engine itself can provide you with lots of phrase ideas. If you do a search for a term, it starts to autocomplete your search with various suggestions based on past searches that have been recorded.  You can see this in the drop down list below.

Google Suggestion Box

If you enter your topic keyword, again using dog collars as an example and then append a letter, such as dog collars m you will be provided with another list of suggestions. You could go right through the alphabet and then start with numbers, looking for any keyword phrase that relates to your topic.

Ubersuggest – A Free Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest (or more correctly Übersuggest)  is a free keyword tool that does all that I have just described and much more. It saves an immense amount of time.

You simply enter your topic phrase in the search box.

Ubersuggsst Topic Keyword

Then browse the results provided, a very long list of related keyword suggestions. As you can see, the results are coming from searches made with the base keyword appended by each letter of the alphabet. Numbers are used too.

Keyword Suggestions

As soon as you find a keyword you like, you simply click on its icon and it will be added to your selected list.

keyword ideas

When you have exhausted your list of choices, you can simply click get and you are provided with a text listt that you can copy and paste. How easy is that!

At that point, I copy my list into the Google Keyword planner to check for search volume. Finally I check competition of the keyword that I want to include in my title. And of course I once again use Long Tail Pro for this. 

Update: Another tool that I have started to use recently is the keyword research module of Rank Tracker (affiliate link). I love this tool because it also has a keyword difficulty score and this particular score reflects social shares and page optimization as well as backlink competition.

Have you tried the Ubersuggest tool or do you have another free keyword research tool that you would like to recommend?

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