Web Building Software – Adobe DreamWeaver CS6 Review

 Cerate Your Own WebsiteI have used Adobe DreamWeaver for many years. The software is one of the web creation packages in my web development software suite.

If you are looking for a web builder that allows you to create websites using HTML5 and CSS3, then this is a builder that I can recommend from my own experience.

DreamWeaver is cutting edge software for developing websites as well as mobile applications.

The fact that you can see the output as well as the code appeals to me.

In fact it is this flexibility that suits many people because it allows you to use the software according to your current skill level. If you have little web development experience you can use the WYSIWYG functionality of the software. If you are a coder you can write or edit the code directly.

I particularly like the multi screen interface.

DreamWeaver Product Details

Product Name:  Adobe DreamWeaver CS6 [LEGACY VERSION]

At the time of publishing this post, this version of DreamWeaver was rated #1 in the  following Amazon category:
Software > Programming & Web Development > Web Development

Highlights of DreamWeaver CS6

The noteworthy features of DreamWeaver CS6 include:

  • Great for designing your website
  • Has a visual interface for creating websites
  • You can create websites for different mobile devises
  • You canuse fluid layouts so that your website adjusts to various screen sizes.
  • Powerful for developing your design into a fully functional website
  • Can incorporate animated features
  • Can create mobile apps
  • Easy to upload files to the server with rapid ftp facilit
  • Has an easy-to-use preview screen

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback, particularly from developers, has been very positive.

The types of comments that customers have been making are:


  • Adobe has the reputation
  • Great for creating a website from scratch
  • Extensive features offered
  • Great interface
  • Perfect tool for the web developer
  • Excellent step-by-step  tutorials available on the web
  • Excellent product
  • Great for creating professional looking websites that stand out from the crowd
  • Much faster than coding everything myself
  • Very pleased with my purchase


  • Not for someone who just wants to drag and drop
  • Need to have some web development experience
  • Need to refer to a good manual

A Basic Introduction to DreamWeaver

There are some excellent YouTube videos that demonstrate how to get the most out of your DreamWeaver purchase if this is the first time buying the Adobe product.  Here is one.

This video provides in introduction to writing HTML & CSS using DreamWeaver CS6.

One fan of DreamWeaver CS6 summed it by:

” …if you want professional looking web pages that stand out, this is your final stop”.

If this it the website builder for your needs, you can access it here:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Please feel free to add your own feedback in the comments section below:


Teaser image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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