A Web Design Tutorial to Help You Create Your Own Website

Web Design TutorialGetting started online can be a little daunting at first, particularly if this is your first venture into building your own website or blog.

Once you have been guided through your first site, then you will feel much more comfortable when it comes to approaching subsequent sites in the future.

Here is a course that can help you. It is much more than a web design tutorial from the point of view of how much content is provided. But it covers all the basics that you need to get your first site up and running, plus it provides an introduction for those who would like to work in the area of web design.

Web Design from the Beginning

Web Design From the Ground Up

A Udemy Course – by Steven Taylor
A Udemy Web Design Tutorial
At the time of publishing this post, Web Design from the Ground Up was rated as 5 stars.
This online course provides a comprehensive web design tutorial that shows you how to build  your own website from scratch.
You are guided through the web development process step-by-step and receive instruction along the way on the languages of the web, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
And of course, the biggest sticking point for many people just starting out online is how to accept payments online.  Well, in this web design training, you are shown how to set up PayPal to do just that, accept payments online, thus turning your website into a true eCommerce site if that is your goal.
Of course, you have the choice of whether you want to create an informational website or if you’d like to monetize your blog or site.

Who is this Course For?

This web design course is suitable if you are looking to build your own website or if you wish to take your skills further and begin a web design career. So, in essence it is a course for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to create a website from scratch
  • Those who would like to learn the skills needed to work in a web design career

Web Design Course Content

There are 13 different sections in the course, each with a varying number of lectures thus providing 38 in total.  This provides you with 9.5 hours of content.
Topics include:
  • An introduction to HTML & XHTML
  • How to insert hyperlinks
  • Setting up your 1st website
  • Styling your website with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • styling your color scheme, deciding on fonts etc.
  • Using CSS to design your website layout
  • Working with tables
  • Working with images
    • an introduction to Photoshop
  • Making your site dynamic in the sense that you can get user input
  • An introduction to JavaScript
    • including how to create alerts, how to validate user forms etc.
  • How to publish your page to the Internet
    • how to get your own domain name
    • how to host your site
  • Making your site eCommerce enabled
    • how to set up your shopping cart
    • how to integrate your site with PayPal
  • The course materials
    • the eText
    • source code
  • What to do going forward

What are Students Saying about This Course?

Web Design from the Ground Up ReviewsAt the time of publication of this post, more than 600 people had taken the course. It is obvious from the comments that this course is far more comprehensive than the average web design tutorial.

Typical comments include:

  • The pace of the course was just right.
  • The teacher was easy to follow.
  • Recommended for those who are new to web design.
  • Covers all the basics.
  • Great course

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If you decide to join the many others who have taken this web design course, please return here and leave your own feedback comments so that we can share your findings with others.


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