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Website TrafficNow that you have a wonderful looking website set up, how are you going to attract visitors, how are you going to get website traffic?

Perhaps you have been following a very disciplined daily schedule of researching and writing riveting articles to post to your site. But when you look at your website analytics, you might well find yourself  totally demoralised after realizing that no-one has been coming to your site, no-one has been reading your pearls of wisdom and what is even worse, no-one, except your close family members, even knows that your professional-looking site exists. What can you do about it?

There are so many sites out there, how are you going to get yours noticed so that you can start getting some decent traffic?

What Have Others Been Doing to get Traffic to their Sites?

If you already have some experience with website creation then you will be well versed with the phrases:

  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Panda Update
  • Penguin Update

Each of these phrases has sent chills down the spine of many a website developer, affiliate marketer and SEO expert, just to mention a few.

For many, these events have reversed, or certainly slowed down, months and months of work trying to get sites to rank well in the search engines, in particular Google.

Unfortunately being able to rank a site well so that it appears on the first page of Google is a shifting goal posts problem. Just when you think you have a technique that works for you it might all of a sudden no longer work at all and could in many cases prove detrimental to the search engine reputation of your site. Many sites have relied on an extensive backlinking campaign to get their sites to rank in the top position on Google but does this still work?

Is Backlinking a Good Idea these Days?

A backlink is simply a link, from another site on the web, pointing to your site. If people click on that link, they will be directed to your site. The more backlinks a site has pointing to it, the more popular that site is or at least that was the original intention behind using it as a ranking indicator.  In principle, the idea was sound and worthy of merit. However, it was something that could be  manipulated relatively easily.

Google updates over the past few years have sought to rectify this.

There has been a significant backlash against backlinking since the Google updates which sought to improve search engine results by weeding out sites that were trying to “dupe” the so-called backlinks popularity indicator. Many reputable sites were unfortunately caught up in the move to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak but others who had been buying huge numbers of backlinks, for example, were possibly  relegated to a more rightful position in the search engine rankings.

Who is to say what was fair and what wasn’t; the bottom line is that there has been a move against using extensive backlinking as a means of promoting one’s site to a higher position in the rankings.

Another Take on Getting Website Traffic

So, the big questions are:

  • How do you get traffic  to a new site in the first place?
  • How do you maintain it?
  • How to get traffic to your blog?
  • Is it possible to rank well in the search engines relatively quickly?
  • Are there other sources of traffic that you can explore?

I have just read a very interesting article titled “100,000 Monthly Page Views & No Backlink Building” written by Lisa Irby.

I find Lisa’s views to be very refreshing. I like the fact that, as she puts it, she has never been a big fan of backlinking, seeing it as “tedious” and capable of producing results that are short-term at best.

I like to think of my websites as “real estate” and of course sites are referred to as properties. But going back to my real estate analogy, if I am building a house on my block then I would much prefer to be spending most of my time on its construction and improvements than spending time elsewhere.

Natural Backlinking

Many backlinking campaigns are very, very time-consuming leaving little time to write your own posts. Having said that, there are backlinking strategies and backlinkg strategies. Reputable backlinking is to respected. That is, if a site gains a link from a top website in its niche, then that link indeed would be a sign of respect or of “popularity”.

Backlinking that comes from natural linking is the ideal so it is great if you can get links that springboard from relevant blog commenting (not vague comments made just for the sake of getting a link) or guest posting or retweets or sites that reference your articles. It’s a little bit like the difference between getting a compliment that is freely given and getting a compliment that you had to prompt for.

Website Content that Makes a Difference

If you have already done much research on this topic you will have come across the evergreen “content is king” phrase. But it is true, it is hard to beat really good content that makes a valuable contribution to the topic that your visitors are searching for.  Because reputable backlinks are still playing a part in ranking of sites, there is a need to strive to write really valuable content that will invite natural links from people finding your site worthy of reference.

Other Ways to Get Traffic

Building relationships with other web developers in the same niche is a great way to promote your brand recognition.  “Being out there” (and I don’t mean “being way out”) can get you noticed as an authority in your area and someone whose site is worth visiting and bookmarking.

Ideas which you can explore that can bring you more traffic and ultimately the possibility of receiving some natural backlinks include:

The main challenge is to concentrate on writing really good content first and then use these ideas to start sending traffic to each of your posts as you publish.

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6 thoughts on “Is Anyone Visiting Your Site?

  • Reva

    Currently it looks like WordPress is the top blogging platform available
    right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the article on ways to build traffic Glenys. I really like finding the basis for my resources on your site. I feel that your information is very useful and not crazily overwhelming to follow with things someone on another site could just throw in here and there.

    Have a great day!

    • Glenys Grob Post author

      Thanks very much Michelle. I’m glad I could help.
      One of the biggest factors in any online venture is getting traffic to the site. Some methods can produce a real spike in traffic numbers but then traffic numbers can end up dwindling back to where they were previously. The key is in being able to sustain growth in traffic and gain return visitors. Once I have found a blog that I think has excellent information, I simply go directly to that site when I want to read some more and/or subscribe to their newsletter. This is the ideal type of traffic to strive for.

  • Greg Ray

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts related to web traffic. As a new blogger, I need all of the ideas I can get. One thing I saw that really peaked my interest in an webinar on blogging I viewed yesterday was this…

    Most bloggers spend 80% of their time writing and only 20% of their time promoting their posts… this should be reversed. Yes, you should spend the time necessary to create blog posts that offer real value to your readers… no doubt. But what good does it do to create the best post ever if no one reads it. The presenter suggested that we do fewer posts… but make them great… and then spend the more time promoting these great posts. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks for your hard work… it’s a real help to me.

    • Glenys Grob Post author

      Hi Greg, I agree with this completely but I would also add to it the importance of allocating time to keyword research before starting to write up a blog post. I’m a big fan of going after long tail keywords.
      Good luck with your new blog, I like your ‘freedom number’ concept.