Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with the Hellobar

Grab attention with the HellobarTip of the Day – A Free Optimization Tool

You might have already noticed the Hellobar sitting at the top of the browser window when you have visited other blogs. It is a very nifty addition that stays at the top of the window as you scroll down the page. As such it provides a perfect way to catch people’s attention and to direct them to your specific landing page.

You can use the Hellobar tool to drive people to specific content or to your email signup.

You can see an example of the hello bar in action on Neil Patel’s blog:

Neil Patel's blog with Hellobar

And another example of the hello Bar on Lise Irby’s blog:

Lisa Irby's blog

And of course, now you can see it here, on Website Tips 4 U:

Website tips 4 U Hellobar

Ideally, you want to link the “Click Here” button to a well-crafted landing page, a topic we will cover shortly.

Hellobar Advantages

The advantage of this tool, in addition to the fact that it is free, is the ease in which you can customise it.

  • You can select your preferred colours.
  • You can nominate to have it move down the page or sit still at the top of the window.
  • You can decide if you want it to appear on all pages or just some.
  • You can word the welcome message in any way you like.
  • BEST OF ALL: You can login to the site to see how many people have been clicking through from your Hellobar.
    At the time of publication of this post, Neil Patel had already recorded more than 14,000 clicks from his Hellobar through to his landing page. He also recorded an impressive conversion rate from his Hellobar clicks.

The tool is very easy to configure and then install. It is just 1 line of code. Or if you prefer, you can opt for a WordPress plugin that will do it for you.
But I do recommend the 1 line of code as this is one less plugin that you need to have on your site.

The HelloBar

 Let’s know if you have been able to increase your website conversion rate with the Hellobar.

Featured Image by Stuart Miles,

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