How to Display the Author Photo

 WordPress AvatarBy default, WordPress offers a few avatars for you to choose from. When you fist start your site, you will see the usual Mystery Man avatar selected as your default.

This is not at all inviting and in fact gives the impression that the author of the content doesn’t want to be recognised. So this post addresses how to replace the WordPress avatar with your WordPress photo.

Change WordPress Avatar

So, you can instead:

  • Choose a different avatar from those provided by WordPress.
  • Create a custom avatar.
  • There is even a WordPress avatar plugin that can help you with this.
  • Replace the avatar with your own photo.

Given all that is happening with Google+ and the weight given to an author photo, using your own photo will add authenticity to your blog posts. You can claim ownership of your own content and have this recognised in the search engine results.

Once you upload your photo you can see it displayed on your author page and as a thumbnail alongside your comments.

Author Photo

As you can see from the screen capture above, my avatar has been replaced by my photo.

There are several different plugins that you can use for this purpose., but the one that I use and find really, really easy is called User Photo.

How to Replace the Avatar with Your Photo

6 Easy Steps

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins – Add New. The Add New button is right up the top of the screen.
  2. In the search box, type in User Photo.
    WordPress will come back with a list of plugins that match or are similar to your search.
    Find User Photo and click Install Now.
  3. Now if you hold your mouse over the Settings menu option in the Dashboard, you will see your new plugin listed.
    Select it to access the User Photo options.
    You can decide whether or not to update any of the options already set for you.
  4. Click on Users from the Dashboard and then select your entry and click Edit.
  5. Scroll down to the About Yourself section.
    • Enter some interesting facts about yourself in the Biographical Info box.
    • Click Browse to upload your photo.
      (How to upload photos to replace the avatar is a frequent question, but as you can see with this plugin, it is really straight forward. The User Photo plugin provides an image uploader for you. Once your image upload is complete you can use your blog photo in other ways as well such as on your About Me page.)
  6. Scroll down to the Author Archive Settings and decide on your preferred Author Box options.

Try it out – can you see your image alongside your replies to comments?

Check Your Author Page

Check your author page to see your photo displayed. You can get to the author page by clicking on your name that appears above your posts:

Author Identity

When you access your author page, you should see your photo, your bio (the information just entered in your Biographical Info box) and a listing of the posts that you have written so far like so:

The Author Page


So as you can see uploading pictures (if you want to use your own avatar) or uploading photos (to replace the avatar image) is quite easy. And it definitely helps to bolster author recognition when your readers come across your posts.


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