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There are often many questions that people have about WordPress, often quite specific questions that don’t warrant a lengthy post to answer them. So this post is devoted to brief Q&A to address questions as they crop up or as they are asked by visitors to Website Tips 4U. 

So feel free to browse to see if there are answers to your particular questions. If you can’t find them in the list, feel free to leave your question in the comment section and either a reader or I will attempt to answer it for you.


Q. Can you publish a post without assigning it to a category?

No, you need to assign a category to each post that you write or it will be listed under the default category called Uncategorized.


Q. Are posts normally indexed faster than pages?

My experience would suggest yes, they are indexed faster and in some cases, much faster. On some blogs, I have had posts indexed within minutes of publishing whereas pages can take several days. I would be interested to hear your experience with this.


Q. How do WordPress tags differ from WordPress categories?

Categories allow you to organise your content under topic headings.

For example, on this blog you can see the categories listed to the right (such as Traffic and Reviews) and you can see how many posts there are in each category. You can also use sub-categories within categories.

Categories are not optional. You have to assign your post to a category, otherwise it will appear in the default category called Uncategorized.

Tags provide a way for visitors to search within your posts on a a more micro level if you like. A visitor can click on a category to find posts listed under that topic but clicking on a tag can bring up relevant posts across topic areas.

Tags are optional. A lot of bloggers simply use SEO on their posts and leave the tags alone. If you choose to use them, you can assign any number of tags to your posts but perhaps 8-10 would be sufficent.

Tags are more specific whereas categories are more generalised topic areas.

Should you use tags? Well Matt Cutts (from Google) doesn’t include tags on his blog so that suggests to me that it is not going to adversely affect SEO if tags are not used. I don’t tag posts myself. So I would say, the bottom line is: include tags only if you think they will improve the reader experience.



This post will be added to as more questions come in.

Feel free to ask a question about WordPress in the comment section below and I will endeavour to get back to you with an answer.






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