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7 Places to Find Images for Your Blog Posts

Published : 10 April 2014

Image GalleryThere is no doubt that images spice up your blog posts. They are an essential inclusion for any website but many bloggers and website owners are at a loss as to how to find images that can be legally used on commercial sites.

So here is a list of places that you can explore to see if they match what you are looking for. All sites, but one, are free. Some require attribution , others don’t so you can check via the link that appears beneath the website screenshot or via the site itself. [Read more...]

How to Display Popular Posts without a WordPress Plugin

Last updated : 8 April 2014

Plugin PerformanceWebsite Tips 4 U currently has 25 active plugins.  Whilst this can be a manageable number, it would still be nice to be able to get by with fewer plugins to reduce page loading times.

In fact I use a Performance Profiler plugin to check which plugins might take too long to load and have thus eliminated where possible the most taxing plugins time-wise.

The Pingdom Speed Test records the following for Website Tips 4 U but it would be nice to reduce the load time further. [Read more...]

How to Make a WordPress Widget Sticky

Published : 7 April 2014

Sticky WidgetIf it is done correctly, a sticky widget can be very effective on your blog. There are a number of methods that you can use to make a WordPress widget sticky. These include adding some code or installing a plugin that can do the job for you.

Why You Might Want to Use a Sticky Widget

The main advantages of using a sticky widget include the following: [Read more...]

The Best of the Best Blog Posts Found in April 2014

Last updated : 10 April 2014

BestAs you know, I have been on the lookout for blog posts that make a real contribution. These are posts that usually contain actionable tips. Sometimes they are case studies, other times they are more tips-related. Either way, they are posts that I think can inform us as well as inspire us.

You can see my previous monthly blog roundups here:

This post is devoted to the inspiring posts that I have come across in April. It will be added to throughout the month so you might like to bookmark this page for easy return. [Read more...]

Get the Jump on Your Competition with Ubersuggest Keywords

Published : 28 March 2014

Competitive Keywords

Tip of the Day – Finding Competitive Keywords

Finding low competition keywords can eat up an incredible amount of your time.  And of course time is precious. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half a day looking for the right keywords for your post and then finding out that the competition in the top 10 is simply too tough.

Thus your published post faces an uphill battle to get the attention it deserves.

Eyes on content – that is what it is all about.

You might be thankful to see that your post has been indexed quite quickly and even thankful to see that it has shot up to page 3 in the search engine results for some of your keywords, maybe even page 2.  But if it is lingering on page 3 after some time, it might as well be sitting on page 10 given that the results on page 1 dominate the click activity. [Read more...]

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