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Top 10 Google Ranking With Internal Linking – A Case Study

Last updated : 22 September 2014

Internal Links

When it comes to learning as much as possible about internet marketing, I must say that I get the most out of case studies.

I have found some brilliant ideas in list style posts but sometimes a long list of tips can be overwhelming. On the other hand, when I come across a published experiment, describing a Twitter strategy  for example, or a case study about generating  more blog traffic, then I’m sold!!  I make time to study it. 

So, rather than provide you with an exhaustive list of ideas about how to rank in Google, I’m sharing with you just one strategy I used in an experiment to see if I could rank a keyword on page 1 of Google.

If you have being trying for some time to improve the rankings of keywords that are sitting on page 3 or beyond, then this case study will be of interest to you. [Read more...]

6 Steps to a Customised Newsletter Sign Up Form

Published : 10 September 2014

Submit KeyThis tutorial shows you how to customise your own Aweber sign up form to attract newsletter subscribers.

Aweber is a very popular email marketing service that manages your email lists for you. I use Aweber myself and can highly recommend their service. If you are not already using this service and would like to check them out for yourself, they still offer a $1 trial for the 1st month.

Why Customise a Sign up Form

Why would you want to customise your own form when Aweber provides so many ready-made sign up forms?

There are actually a number of reasons but the ones that spring to mind most readily include the following: [Read more...]

Best Blog Posts Discovered in August

Last updated : 11 September 2014

Best blog postsEach month I like to draw your attention to other bloggers’ posts. 

These are impressive articles that I have stumbled across throughout  my month of extensive reading.  And if you have read any of my previous roundups, you will have noticed that they usually have something in common and that is actionable tips.

I love reading case studies and I’m sure you are the same. It is great to read what someone else has tried and whether or not it has worked.

I hope you can feel as motivated as I do when you read this month’s notable posts.

I usually add to the list as I find impressive works throughout the month. So, I suggest that you bookmark this page for easy access to future updates. [Read more...]

Low Competition Keywords with Top 10 Search Engine Ranking

Last updated : 22 September 2014

Keyword Analysis I spend a lot of time searching for competitive keywords by analyzing Google Webmaster Tools, using Long Tail Pro  and checking the competition in the top 10 positions in the search engine results.

Is this effective use of time or not?

This case study works backwards by looking at keywords that are already ranking on page 1 of Google in order to determine if my set of criteria for choosing a keyword is valid. [Read more...]

Blog Posts that are Really Worth Reading: Found in July 2014

Last updated : 12 August 2014

Excellent blog postsIf you have visited my blog before, then you probably already know that each month I draw attention to the writings of other bloggers. It is not usually a long list but it is a list of articles that I have discovered during the month, articles that have really impressed me. What does it take to impress me? Well, usually something bordering on the unique and certainly something that contains actionable tips or ideas. . That is why I am so keen on case studies; they usually detail a particular strategy that has been tried and the subsequent results that were recorded.

I hope this month’s findings can serve to motivate you in your online entrepreneurial goals. [Read more...]

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