Aweber Alternatives: GetResponse, MailChimp, Which is Best?

Last updated : 18 November 2015

Email marketing Whether you have created your own website or manage your own blog, it is of paramount importance that you have an easy-to-use email marketing tool so that you can effectively & efficiently grow your subscriber list.

The right email marketing tool can automate the whole process for you. For example, it will allow you to create an opt-in form for your site, design your email newsletter, decide when and how often an email is to be sent out to your subscriber list etc. etc..

Having a growing subscriber list, that has signed up to receive your emails, will keep you in touch with your audience on a regular basis and most importantly, encourage them to come back to your site. This is not to mention the periodic promotions that you can do once someone has signed up to receive your emailed newsletter.

Perhaps you already use Aweber and you are wondering if it is the right email management software for your internet business.

Or perhaps you are just starting out and thus looking to sign up with a platform like Aweber (affiliate link) and getting your email marketing campaign up and running.

Well let’s get started by looking at what Aweber has to offer compared to a couple of its alternatives. [Read more…]

EasyAzon 4 Plugin: Upgrade to Easy Azon 4 & EasyAzon Pro

Last updated : 30 October 2015

EasyAzon V4 PluginEarlier this year, owners of Chris Guthrie’s EasyAzon plugin needed to make a decision:  Upgrade to the newest version (EasyAzon 4) or stay with EasyAzon 3.

By the way if you don’t already own this plugin, then you can see why I now find it indispensable here for any site promoting Amazon products.

This is a tool I would not be without.

In other words, if you are an Amazon Associate, then this plugin can save you HEAPS of time!! For example, there is no need to mess with code of do any copying and pasting of code. There’s no need to leave your site, it is all done from your editing screen.

I must say that I hesitated in upgrading from version 3 to version 4 at first because 1 of my sites in particular is very heavily dependent on the tool. I didn’t want to run the risk of formats being different for my Amazon links or the risk of any broken links.  But this initial hesitation was not necessary at all!!

Once I decided to upgrade, I was firstly relieved by how easy it was to transition to the latest version and secondly impressed by the added functionality in EasyAzon V4. [Read more…]

How to Sell on Redbubble: Selling Art & Photos Online

Last updated : 29 August 2015

Framed PhotographIn my previous post, I looked at a number of Print on Demand (POD) companies that can be used for selling artwork on t-shirts and gifts. In that post, I briefly mentioned Redbubble but up until now, I’ve not had any direct experience with Redbubble. However, I am currently setting up an account so that I can help a photographer showcase his work on the Redbubble site, and of course, then be in a position to sell his work.

Now, of course, Redbubble is for artists, designers, slogan writers as well as for photographers.

And the good news is that it is free to join.

So here is a simple straight-forward tutorial to show you how to start selling on Redbubble if you are keen to try out this platform as a way of making some additional  money online: [Read more…]

Where to Sell Your Artwork Online: 6 POD Companies Compared

Last updated : 31 August 2015

Making that first sale can be one of the most exciting moments for an artist. Someone has been so impressed by the artwork that they have decided to take out their wallet and make a purchase.

What a stamp of approval!

But, when it comes to online vehicles for your art, you have probably already asked the following question:

Where Can I Sell My Art?

If you haven’t already started selling your artwork, then a Print on Demand Company (POD) could be just what you are looking for, to experience that type of excitement.

POD companies can be some of the best places to sell art online, not to mention general graphic designs and slogans.

This golf ball character design that I have created, for example, sells on mouse pads (as shown here), on t-shirts, coffee mugs and a whole range of other gift items. All of this is courtesy of a POD company that handles printing and shipping for me. In this case the POD company is Zazzle.

If you have a blog or a website but are not sure how to best monetise it then you too could start selling t-shirts or gift items featuring your own designs and slogans. This is a great way to add interest to a niche site.

If you run out of ideas for t-shirt designs of your own, then you could take part in the Zazzle referral program for example and make affiliate commissions from promoting the work of other Zazzle designers. [Read more…]

Amazon Item Currently Unavailable: Tip for Amazon Affiliates

Last updated : 11 August 2015

Promoting Products Currently UnavailableRegardless of whether you manage just one or several Amazon affiliate sites, it can prove tricky when it comes to keeping track of products that have dropped out of production for some reason or are simply no longer on offer.

You have probably already noticed, to your horror, that a product you have been promoting is no longer available. That is, it is now listed on the Amazon site as “Currently Unavailable“.

Now, obviously if you are promoting just a few Amazon products then you can easily manually check from time to time to make sure that each item is still being offered for sale. 

However, a soon as the number of products you are promoting starts to grow and grow, then checking each item manually becomes less feasible. [Read more…]

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