How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

Promote and Engage Your Brand with Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories provide a new and exciting way to advertise, promote and engage potential customers.

Promoting Brands with Instagram

Instagram itself advises that one out of three stories viewed on their social media website is from a business. The 300 million daily users of Instagram Stories can become your new audience. It is always best to be ahead of your competitors rather than left behind. So it is time to explore this thrilling option. (more…)

eBay the Original eCommerce Giant: Everything You Want to Know

Learn about ebay

Infographic & Article: Josh Wardini

Where do you shop when you’re looking for something either unique, antique, or even exotic?

It’s eBay!

The company was founded in 1995 as an online auction marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

The original name of eBay was AuctionWeb, but the founder wanted to change it in 1997. He wanted something that sounded edgier and so eBay became the name of the company from 1997 forward.

Since its name change, eBay grew in size and acquired many other companies. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, employing over twelve thousand employees and turns out a revenue of eight billion dollars.

As of last year, the website is home to over 168 million users-either buyers or sellers. (more…)

How to Use HTML Bookmarks: Add HTML Anchor Links to a Web Page

html anchor code

If you have created a long page of content on your blog, then you might want to offer your readers a chance to ‘jump to a particular section in a post‘ straight away.

For example, in the 1st half of your article, you might be describing products in your niche. In the 2nd half of the article you might have included a comparative table that ranks these products. You can easily give your reader the choice of skipping the content and going straight to the product table by using an HTML bookmark (anchor link).

This functionality is easily added with HTML bookmark code. (more…)

How to Move Your Subscriber List from Aweber to MailerLite

Don’t get me wrong, I think Aweber is a very versatile email marketing platform. It is loved and used by bloggers the world over. However, if you are just starting out, you might prefer a cheaper option. So if you already have an account with Aweber but prefer to reduce your monthly spend then this post can guide you through the process of moving any subscribers you currently have to the free version of MailerLite.

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